And Then There Were 9…

So the strain of 12 quickly-growing babies has perhaps proved still too much for Mummy Eve to handle.

Yesterday evening, I had a look in the nest again and I find two little bodies. Again two very small babies that were noticeably smaller than its siblings. I took the bodies out as its a very warm few days here in the UK and didn’t want anything to start smelling.

When I then counted up the remaining babies, I could only count 9. One was missing.
I did my best to check the surrounding bedding for a body without too much disturbance but to no avail. I hate to think what happened to baby number 10.

So we are down to 9 babies.
I wish there was something I could do to stop them dying! But the bigger they get the more chance I suppose of complications developing. Eve is a small girl, she’s going to know instinctively what to do – which is clearly happening. But it still doesn’t make it any easier.

I checked the size of the babies, just to see if I can expect to lose anymore.
There are another two babies that are a bit smaller than the rest of the litter. I’m preparing myself for the worst a little. I just don’t think I can stand to be upset another day after losing yet more babies so by assuming these two wont make it, I am covering my back so to speak !


On a slightly happier note;
the babies that are big have started exploring the cage. Its not quite crawling/walking – its more of a swimming motion! There were three having a little explore which is promising and heart-warming!
Little do these little babies know how much happiness they are bringing me every hour they squirm around and squawk!

Their colourings are more prominent than ever and little hairs are growing all over them! CUTE! They are finally a whole week old so their fur should start growing very quickly from here on out! 😛 Their ears are all pricked up, so sounds must be an exciting experience for the pups!

Ive noticed the eyes are much more bulgy today which could mean that sight isn’t too far off for the young’uns 🙂

I will keep you all informed on the babies. The next few days could be crucial for them.
Thank you all for your support. Its lovely being able to go through this with others.


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5 thoughts on “And Then There Were 9…

  1. Oh dear – how very sad. Fingers crossed for the rest.

  2. Hang in there, babies! I guess we just have to trust nature to do its thing. Meanwhile the new fur is looking great! You and Eve are wonderful, brave mommies!

    Love and licks,

  3. Oh no. I really hope the rest make it.
    Sending hugs.

  4. ooooh man I am really upset by this news! Can we solace ourselves by saying this is nature doing it’s work? I think so xx
    The surviving babies are getting so big and look fuzzy!

    • Definitely nature. I think Eve is doing her best but as they are getting bigger she is getting more stressed. Dont think anyone realised how big a 13 bub litter is 😛 xxx

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