R.I.P Baby Boo

I have some bad news folks.

When Eve climbed out of her nest earlier, I had my routine nosey around her nest (the routine gawping and sighing and ‘aww’ing – you know the drill) when I noticed one of the bubbys wasnt squirming at all.
I gently nudged the baby – against all my humanly/interferring instincts – and the baby was cold, had a mouth full of blood and was just not responding at all.
Eve frantically licked and nudged the baby to no avail, (the scent of my nudge must have made the baby stand out and realising the situation didnt care about my presence).
She then put the little baby into her food storage pile.

Now I really didnt want to interfere with nature and all the mummys natural instincts, but I couldnt imagine my beautiful Eve eating one of her babies, let alone infront of all her other babies!
So I took the baby out and buried him.

We have called the baby Boo.

I am pretty sure Boo was the runt of the litter, much smaller and more fragile in size compared to his brothers and sisters.
He hadn’t developed his ears yet unlike all of the other babies which is a sign that he just wasn’t going to make it.

Eve has done incredibly well so far – raising 13 babies is hard work and for a first time mommy she was doing beyond expected.
Its just super unfortunate  that the tiniest baby of the litter wasnt strong enough to pull through the crucial first 10 days and so now we are down to 12 bouncing babies.

 Went out almost straight away and bought a white orchid to remember our lost hammy.

13 just really isnt that lucky for some 😦

Im not very good at losing pets. Its really hard to explain to non-animal lovers because to most, theyre just animals?! How can you possibly get upset over a pet dying!

Well let me try to explain.
We didnt just go out and buy this hamster from a shop behind glass in a cramped little cage. We didn’t just impulse buy on a whim one day to buy this pet (Not that that should make much difference at all!).
We planned it for weeks and researched it for even longer!
Each baby is very special as they represent lots of care and patience and they have come from a very cute hamster which I have tamed and knew straight from first seeing her she was going to be MYYYY hamster.

Its very sad because she must know that one of her babies is missing and gone. Thats what makes me sad the most.

As much as this is the first knock-down of this blog so far, I dont want to dwell too much on sweet number 13. There are 12 babies that still need looking after and caring for.

I think now, I will just be very careful when checking to make sure that Eve is coping okay and that we haven’t lost anymore. I dont want to lose anymore! 😦

The rest are really coming into their own. Some are managing to waddle and wade through the nest and their colourings have really shown through now.

I can see a speckled baby, a panda like baby and a completely dark baby so far – so a right mix up of Eve and Dexters colourings should really shine through soon enough.
At 5 days old now, you can see their little teeth (little needles more like) and their ears have pulled away from the body so I imagine their hearing is starting to develop.

As promised, an update on Dexter as hes been overshadowed this last week or so!

He is still as CUTE as ever.
like to think hes taking on a very thorough body-guard role over his babys 😛
He will watch the cage from afar and make sure no hungry lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) are stalking out the bubs!

I wonder how many of the babies will have his dopey demeanor!? I hope all of them!

So now we are on 12 babies. Lets all keep our fingers,toes and paws crossed that we lose no more!

Lots of love for Mummy Eve, xoxoxoxoxox

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4 thoughts on “R.I.P Baby Boo

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of baby Boo. ((HOGS and Kisses)) Bacon

  2. Oh dear – what a shame 😦 12’s a jolly good number of babies to look after for a newbie.

  3. oh my heart totally sank when I saw this 😦
    I hope you’re doing ok, the orchid is such a beautiful idea! I am glad I got a peek at guard hamster Dex too xxx

  4. I’m sorry.

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