A Protective Mummy

Have you checked out the new header image yet??? Take a look up there ^^^^^^^

Isn’t she looking good for a new mummy!!
We are officially in the 5th day of motherhood and Eve is still being a textbook-hammy-mom!

Now I feel I should explain how I am getting these photographs of the babies, as its quite obvious I am within her cage and close to her nest.

Well, I am actually using my proper handheld camera (not my iPhone) so I am getting clearer pictures which I have zoomed in to get some of the images you see on the blog. I am not poking it right up against them I am staying a reasonable distance away.

Also Eve is happy enough to let me oggle! She crawls around, has a run in her saucer and gets herself a drink and snack all whilst I gush over the babies! I mean who wouldnt! Eve knows I am not a threat and is very trusting of me.

Its very special knowing that she trusts me enough to peek into her nest. I am very careful not to touch anything and I never stay longer than 5 minutes so she has become very used to me being around her and the babies which is a relief.

They all seem to be suckling well (as you can see from the photograph) which is a relief as new-mums aren’t always very comfortable feeding babies.
Eve is doing a blinding job as shes got 13 babies which is WAYYY above average for Syrians in the first place.


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12 thoughts on “A Protective Mummy

  1. Well done Eve – you are no doubt v v v tired by now but obviously very proud 😀

  2. I can pretty much hear Eve saying “Did ya see what I did? Did ya see my babies? Did ya? Did ya? Aren’t they cute? Aren’t they adorable?”. Yes, Eve. We did, and they are. Nice work.

    Love and careful licks,

    • Haha we can all see missus, me and the entire world can see!! 😛 little does she know, no other baby hamster has had quite so much coverage haha xxx

  3. Wow, what an honour to be so trusted by your fur baby to be so close to her fur babies. Seriously, that is an honour. How lovely *swoon*
    How is Dexter that’s what I want to know, I love the babies but miss Dexatron!

  4. Whee are so proud of Eve! She is being such a freat Mummy. You are a hammy granny . . . How does ut feel?!

    As for the bubbies. Lesson number one from your furry godparents. Pose and look adorable whenever the flash clicky thing comes out. It ensures you get a hooman completely under your control. Before long you will have them wrapped round your little paw and feeding you treats whenever you wheek.

    Yours Loving
    Uncle Nibbles, Uncle Nutty, Uncle Bingo & Uncle Buddy

    • Whee meant ‘great’ Mummy but the word fantastic got mixed in a turned Eve into a ‘freat’ Mummy!


    • A granny at my age is something that should never ever be accomplished under any circumstances hahaha but for hammys its blooming great! I swear I have never paid anything so much attention in all my life! Its crazy being responsible for not just two little lives anymore, there’s 15 little lives in my room now!!
      Yahah theyve already got me and my bf wrapped round their tiny-weeny little paws haha, one yawny little mouth here and a wee baby chirp there and I’m weak at the knees!! Their colourings are starting to come through on their skin now, tomorrow will be an exciting post 😀 xxxx

  5. They are so sweet! I read about you all on Hutch A Good Life and came over to say hi.

    • Eep hallo and welcome!! Hope you enjoy my ravings here on hamsterdiaries :)) them mischievous piggies are such wise god-furries. 😀 x

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