The Newborn Baby Hamsters Movie Debut

Day Three of life for the baby hamsters.

The first 48 hours have flown by and we are well into the next day for them all.
They dont look all that much different today. Not much bigger, still pink, hairless, blind and deaf.

I am compiling a day-by-day photograph of them all so that on the 14th day, I will dedicate an entire post on the growing up of the 13 babies. I can imagine it being craaaaazy to watch how much they change over the next 2 weeks!

In the mean time, I have made this video of the newborn babies to show you that they are very squirmy and wriggly little things 😀
Share it on Facebook, Twitter, email ANYTHING!
Just spread the word (and the video)

Excuse the cheesy emotionally triumphant music, somehow a heavy rock song or rocking pop song doesn’t quite cut newborns 😉


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11 thoughts on “The Newborn Baby Hamsters Movie Debut

  1. Such squiggly little cuties!

    Love, but no licks!

    • I am turning into a crazy new mom! I show pictures of them to anyone – strangers in the street, the checkout girls at the supermarket, ANYONE! Im so proud! ;D

  2. Question is, and perhaps this is a bit early, but are you going to keep any?

    • Tiz never too early to consider these things! My boyfriend and I have arranged quite a few buyers so the majority are going when the time comes in a few weeks but I get the feeling I will want to keep one – just one – as a kind of momento of the successfulness of mummy Eve. Will have to find room somewhere for another cage 😛 I do believe there are a couple that are unsold as it stand however (noone quite expected 13 of them) xxx

      • It would be great if you do decide to keep one, because then we can all follow the son/daughter of Dexter and Eve too. A full-blown hammy family! Totally understand the space dilemma though. Perhaps a ham in each room! Xxx

        • We will definitely be keeping one 😀 YAY!! A full-blown hammy family is on the cards hahaha 😛 We’ve freed up a table to put another cage when its time so all thats left is a trip to Pets At Home to buy yet another cage ahah 😛 xxxx

          • That cage we both have is brillant value I think. Sure, the wheel is pretty useless for Syrians, but I was in Pets at Home last week and the offer (with the free woodshavings etc) was still on at £25. Bargain. Heston is getting his routine clean out tonight and I’m replacing his current toys with some of the many in from his toy box. Also, it was his 1st birthday last week, and I got him a hamster’s pop up tent from a garden centre. Yes, they really do exist! xxx

  3. Cute! How is Mummy Eve doing? Does she glow like some hooman Mummy’s do? And is Dexter coping with the pressures of fatherhood?

    Whee volunteer to be furry godparents to the bubbies! Whee can be very responsible! Honest! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Eve is doing very very well, for a first-time mommy I had my doubts, especially as 13 is such a HOOGE litter too, but she is doing it perfectly! Glowing is an understatement, shes raaaaadiant! 😀 A very happy hamster indeedys!
      Dexter is leading the life of luxury as it happens. Hes got a restraining order on the babies (something about cannibalism) so hes having to wire money straight to her account. Its a sloppy business, Jeremy Kyle may have to be called 😉
      OF COURSE! I wouldnt trust anyone other than you guys to be god-furries! 😀 xx

      • Can whee do a post about being furry godparents? And include a pigture? Oh please oh please oh please. Whee are so proud of our hairless godchildren! 🙂

        Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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