Thursday 19th July at 3:50pm Eve is Giving Birth!!


Eve has gone into labour and is officially popping out babies as we speak!

I can hear little tiny squeaks and when she popped her little exhausted head out I can see squirming little pink bubbies!! Omg they look adorableeeeee!

I cant see how many there are yet as to be honest I don’t even thinK She’s finished popping them out yet! But it’s reminded me this will be everyone’s last chance to enter the competition:

Guess the number of babies eve will have and win the chance to name one of the babys!!! 😀

Congratulations little mummy! 😛

Pictures to follow tomorrow! :)))


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6 thoughts on “Thursday 19th July at 3:50pm Eve is Giving Birth!!

  1. Congratulations Eve!!!

  2. Yaaaay!!!!!! Well done Eve!x

  3. Yipee – what a very special moment. Good luck to Eve. Can’t wait for the photos

  4. p.s. I actually rang my fiancé at work to tell him, and woke up Heston to tell him too. Perhaps this was getting a little carried away, but Eve giving birth has really brigtened my otherwise aggravating day dealing with annoying secretaries at uni. So thankyou, and thank Eve!

  5. Go Eve! The miracle of birth eh…ew and aaaaawwww

  6. Eeeeep! How exciting!!!

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