The Mother of Nests

So Eve has managed to get even bigger! I think she may very well just explode spontaneously any moment and there will be guts and fur all up the side of the cage! Now there is a scary thought!

So yesterday I did my final spot clean of her wee-wee corner (my goodness it smelt AWFUL!) and put in some fresh sawdust for her to arrange.
Before too long she had pushed all the new sawdust ontop of her nest – its completely hidden everything from site!

Now on the surface it may not look like much but I can assure you there are tunnels in that heap of bedding and sawdust 😛
Shes very talented. She spends a good few hours every day perfecting it bless her!

Also the strips of ‘paper’ you can see on the top – thats toilet paper. Hamsters love stripping it and arranging it as its soft and cozy. Plus the ply of toilet paper makes it warm especially for baby hamsters to be living in.

The coke ‘box’ you can see her sitting on in this picture is giving her lots of nibble on and nestle with which is really important. Plus it gives me a fantastic opportunity to take a picture of her pregnant belly!

It doesnt look too HUGE here but she literally has to waddle everywhere as well as squeeze through spaces. I had to take out her tub because she no long fit through it!

Them womanly hips just werent suitable for that tube ;D

I have even given her a fresh chew stick to give her plenty to hoard away in that beastly nest of hers!

I swear the amount of food I have given to he over the last week is AMPLE. No wonder she looks like shes about to POP!

I am trying to lower the chances of cannibalism due to starvation worries but making sure she has plenty of food around her and the newborns when they arrive!

She has taken on the role of mummy very maturely!
Lets just try to hope its mature enough not to cull the babies out of panic… ;(
I will be devastated if that happens!

As well as providing the little missus with lots of food, when I get the chance I put a small amount of milk in her water bottle as its very good for pregnant hamsters.

She drank a little of it but I was worried to leave milk in their for too long due to my paranoia that it will go off while its in there.

She made the most of it while it was there. I can imagine it being bizzare suddenly getting milk out of it so she may have just been curious but nevertheless, I felt like I was just doing my bit for her in these final stages of pregnancy! 😀

Dexter hasnt been missing out.
In fact he has received CrAzY amounts of attention because I cant hold Eve anymore! Its killing me not giving her any cuddles but soon I will have lots of babies to cuddle!!!! 😀

Im super excited – can you tell?!


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3 thoughts on “The Mother of Nests

  1. SO exciting! We can’t wait. That nest looks like Mt. Everest!

    Love and baby licks,

  2. There are so many things to think about! Good luck Eve.

  3. We’re all excited!

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