Spot The Difference

Are you ready to see how PODGE PODGE my beautiful little monkey Eve has gotten?!
Can you tell if we have a pregnant hamster yet?

I managed to find a picture of Eve from last month.
Its the best one where you can see her body size in comparison to her new shapely figure!

And boy has Eve gotten BIG since Friday.
Also yesterday (when I took the photograph) will be the last time I hold her for a while. I don’t want to disrupt her cage and her business so no more holding for my lil monkey!

I hope I have managed to convey the size of Eve now compared to last month effectively.
Perhaps the photo doesn’t even need something to compare it to as she cant hide that BIG OLE BUMP anymore!


That due date is creeping steadily upon us! I honestly am SO excited!
I am a bit nervous that I wont be able to see the babies straight away because mummy’s nest is very covered over and safe!  She seems to be taking her role very responsibly! But knowing my patience-levels I will want to know straight away. We shall see eh!

This whole experience is actually so exciting! I am so glad I am blogging this whole thing. CANT WAIT FOR THE BUBBA’S!


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5 thoughts on “Spot The Difference

  1. Think we might be wrong on the guess the number front! There sure are a lot of babies to come 😀

  2. *screech* how preggy! She has one full belleh.
    How is Dex going, have you congratulated him on completing his masculine tasks?

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