Coming Up This Week

Now I got advice from a fellow blogger on one of my previous posts telling me that signs of pregnancy and roundness would start to appear after the 10 day mark.

Well I have been bursting to tell you that Eve has gotten BIIIIIG.

This is how she was a few days ago and tomorrow I shall post a picture of the fatty Eve.
You will definitely notice the size difference.

So I thought I would let you all know what I intend to post abou tin the coming week as its a big ole week for the hammys!


Before and after shots or even a spot the difference shot of Eve before and Eve now in the lead up to her due date (Friday approximately.)
Its super exciting now the difference in her size is noticeable. Shes about double the  size of Dexter now – yep that big!


Im thinking a complete advice pump-post. Eve will be nearing her birth time and I have possibly read every internet page in existence on what to expect/whats going to happen/what I should do as an owner. So I will share some of my many scrolling hours in one convenient post for readers!


I will attempt to photograph – from a safe distance – Eves nest. Its impressive as it is now and were several days away from her expectant date. The days before she goes into labor I’m expecting awesome things from this girls nesting.
Plus if you’ve never seen a pregnant hamsters nest before – you’ll be impressed to see what these little creatures can come up with.


Today is the day [hopefully]!! Shes due today so I will be keeping everyone on tender hooks until she gives birth!
In the days following the birth I will announce the winner of the competition about how many babies Eve will have. If you havent commented on that post – DO IT NOW!
You could have a baby hamster named whatever you wish!!!

 Sunday will of course be the Sunday Riddle which I will keep to but if the babies are visible in the nest then I shall most certainly include some baby photos!

EEEEEP this week cannot go fast enough!
So proud of my little monkey!

Excited as well???


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8 thoughts on “Coming Up This Week

  1. Oooh, Eve – you’re going to be a tired but very happy girl soon!

  2. I wish I could have a bunch of baby hamsters. I gained a pound and a half, and got my treat intake severely restricted. Eve is a lucky duck because of Yay Babies. I am a chubby doggie.

    Love and licks,

    • Oh Cupcake, when no-one’s looking – sneak a few under your collar and then munch them later or if you cant be patience just plot a full scale burglary onto the biscuit tin 😀 OM NOM NOM !
      ANYWAYS as I have always said, its more to love! 😛 xxx

  3. How exciting!
    Bella and DiDi

  4. OH LORD! I’ve been away and finally catching up on blogs and Eve is KNOCKED UP! I can never be away again! Have you missed me and updates on my boys? They’ll die when they hear Dex was allowed some rumpy pumpy…ain’t he a dawg eh? EH?
    Well I will be glued to WordPress until I see bubby pics. Congratulations you’re going to be a grandma!

    • Hahahah which such a short pregnancy, I can barely so much as blink or Ill miss something! 😀 I have missed pirate, squirrel and yourself lots and LOTS! :[ We have been missing something….. He didnt get it spot on first attempt (“No Dexter thats her ear!!!!”) but he soon got the swing of it *immature giggle* and I left them to it! 😛 Also you must must must MUSTTTT place your prediction on the amount of babies on the competition post ( winner gets to name a baby!! Did someone say Pirate/Squirrel Junior!?!? 😀 xxx

      • Ahahaha poor Dextastic! He’s no amateur now next time…bullseye ! *more I,mature giggling*
        Oooh I’m entering the comp for sure awesome!

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