The Sunday Riddle #5

Now last Sunday I gave you all a HORRIBLE riddle. Even when I sat down to fathom it out, I struggled and admittedly may have peeked at hints…

 There is a Hamster married couple. Lets call them Dexter and Eve. Eve is younger than Dexter and it so happens that her age is equal to the digits of his age reversed. Given that the difference in their ages is exactly an eleventh of their sum can you tell me how old Eve is?

Noone got it. But its okay because unless you are in mensa i doubt anyone would have got it.
So the ANSWER:

Eve is 45 and Dexter is 54.
The sum of these totals are 99, one eleventh is 9. The difference between 45 and 54 is 9 andddddd 45 is 54 reversed so it ticks all the boxes.

I wont be so mean this week I pinky promise ;D

A hamster lived on the 15th floor of a tower block (hamsters these days, living the dream!) Every day he would wake up and go to work using the elevator. He’d climb in and hit the 1 button and then get off on floor 1 and goes off to work. On his return from work, he climbs in the elevator but only pushes the 7th floor button. He then walks the rest of the way to get to his apartment. Now this hamster is no fitness-enthusiast, so why did he not go directly to the 15th floor??


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3 thoughts on “The Sunday Riddle #5

  1. Aargh. Ouch. Numbers hurt my head. I’ll say the work-a-day hamster has a friend on the 7th floor who gives him bacon after work, so he stops there, has a snack, and hikes the rest of the way up, still chewing….

    Love and licks and I love bacon,

  2. Is this hamster a dwarf (smallish) hamster and he cannot reach the highest number (ie. His floor number) because of his height? It is kind of like that hooman one . . .

    Did whee get it right? Did whee win?!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  3. He couldn’t reach higher than the seventh button!

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