My Little Monkey

So the consensus of yesterdays pregnancy doubts were to be patient.Bloggers you win, I will just have to wait. Its going to kill me inside being so patient but needs-must and all that…

On a not-so-impatient note; Eve has acquired a new nickname.

She’s my Little Monkey 🙂

She has become oober friendly and cuddly over the last week or so which is beyond cute!
As Ive never owned a female hamster before Eve, I wasnt sure if there was a temper difference between the genders. But as far as I can tell both are as docile as the other, and depending on the amount of handling they receive will be as friendly as possible!

As well as the friendliness, Eve is still hanging off the roof bars and crawling on the ceiling.
She effectively is a rodent monkey.  In fact I would go as far to say she may have been an ape in a previous life.
So anyway hence the nickname, durrr

Dexter has also been rather adorable, even more so than usual.

“I must be going soft.”

 To prove it, this photo could have easily been taken when I first got him. He looks so baby-faces and young its mad to think this was taken yesterday…

So now not only can I be jealous of Eve photogenic body, but now I can be jealous of Dexters ever-youthful appearance.

Who am I kidding, hes still a bubby in my eyes!

Although it feels like Ive had him much longer than I actually have.

Its weird having a blog following them. In a way I can look back and remember everything I have been through with them and each picture brings back a memory.
As its never been like this with any other pet of mine before hand its really quite strange.

What’s even more bizarre is that I am sharing my pet with the whole world on this blog!
My wee little Dexter and my wee little Eve are practically famous 😉  (Hope I havent exposed them to fame too young… Don’t want any Britney Spear meltdowns…)

 Till tomorrow dear readers 😀

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4 thoughts on “My Little Monkey

  1. Do not doubt yourself as a pet owner! You are wonderful! My Mom doesn’t even blog about me every day, or show all of my adorable cuteness like you do with Dexter and Eve. We’re sweating bullets over here waiting for the (hopefully) babies.

    Love and licks,

    • Hehehe oh Cupcake you do actually make me so happy! :’D Thinking out of being such a fan a bubby may have to be called Cupcake anyways yaknow 😛 As a fitting mini-tribute!

  2. That’s what I used to call my Akita. Monkey puppy and Pumpkin monkey to name a few. He liked it.

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