Eve’s Pregnancy: Is she or isn’t she?

I’m worried.
Maybe ‘worried’ isn’t the correct word.

So here’s the thing. I’m not exactly sure how rounded Eve is supposed to be for 10 days pregnant.
Don’t get me wrong she feels heavier and her belly feels a little tense and swollen but I don’t know if its because I’ve been feeding her more than usual, in case she’s eating for 12, or if this is actually evidence of a pregnant belly.

See for yourself. This is Eve as of yesterday evening.
I only have myself to blame for not getting a before and after shot but to me she doesn’t look how I imagined a pregnant hamster to be.

Maybe I’m being impatient and assuming too soon? I mean I only have to wait another week to see for sure but it would be lovely to know now!! 😛

I cant help but feel Ive done everything wrong through this pregnancy and now Im nervous that shes been stressed and so has absorbed them or something like that.

She was being rather adorable yesterday it has to be said. Some how managed to capture her trying to hug my hand whilst feeding her treats.
Yes, she was trying to hug me not eat me.
…Even if shes practically drooling at the treat Im holding.
Hey now, let me believe she wanted a cuddle alright! 😉

I want to hope she’s pregnant.
I cant escape from the fact that she might not be. I just dont know what Im looking out for anymore. There’s only so much Googling I can do before realising the best advice anyone has is to “wait it out“…
I hate being impatient.

She’s acting differently.
She gets up earlier, while its still light outside kind of early, and is very hyper. She runs around her cage, jumps on her saucer for a bit, climbs in her bed and nestles then pops straight out and is back to running around like a looney.
She even manages to still do the monkey bars.
And yes she still manages to splat onto the floor when she lets go. Daft moo.

 Wonder what Im feeding her thats making her reach out to me?

These are organic yoghurt drop things.
I threw away the packaging because I keep the treats in an air-tight Tupperware box and I cant for the life of me remember what their proper name is.

I got them from Pets at Home and I cant seem to find them online to send a link to them!

Basically they are little 5pence sized blobs in cream, pink and green that are like yoghurty treats.
Dexter can take or leave them it seems, he never goes too crazy for them.
Eve on the other hand LOVEEEEEEEEEES them 😀

I dont think you need me to say that on here for you to know that she loves them. The photos are evidence enough!

I have lots more photos to share with you all so get following for your daily fix of cute!
Also please comment below if you have any idea about pregnancy and if Im looking out for the wrong things here.
Im a novice at breeding and anyone with experience would be welcomed with open arms and friendly paws! 😀


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6 thoughts on “Eve’s Pregnancy: Is she or isn’t she?

  1. Dare we say ‘patience’? 😀

  2. You are not a terrible owner. You care so much about your pets, you’ve even dedicated a blog to them and their species. So shush! Anyway, don’t panic. Perhaps the breeding wasn’t successful, OR

    According to Collins Family Pet Guides: Hamster (2002, p.105):

    “You will start to notice obvious signs of pregnancy in the female about 10 days after the mating, in terms of an obvious increase in the body size.”

    So if Eve is at day 10, then you’ll probably only start to notice changes from here on in.

    It also says that in the few days before the expected birth, you must keep well away and not handle her. And especially don’t touch her nest. It’s quite a good book. If you’d like I can scan in the pages about birth and weaning of the little ones and email them to you, though you seem to be doing a great job!

    Hope this helps!

    • Oh my goodness, this would be super helpful if its not too much trouble for you ?? I want to be as prepared as possible if little bubbies pop along next week. 😛 She feels podgier just its not showing and Im getting all flustered as im an impatient so and so. 😀 x

  3. We hope for the best. Eve looks adorable whether she is pregnant or not.
    Bella and DiDi

  4. Whee haven’t seen the updates recently but between us they looks like a pregnant hammy to our Mummy! Maybe you should measure her waistline to see if it grows and weigh her daily. That way you can spot trends etc. Like weightwatcher only is-eve-preggers-watchers!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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