The Blog Slump.

Dexter is not shy about where he chooses to sit.

My boyfriends head is a new favourite.

Dont ask how he got there…
…But he didnt move for five minutes.

Thought he was going to wee if Im honest but he didnt.
Such a good boy!

I have a video and photos of Eve on the way. Im getting a bit sluggish on the whole bloggin thing at the moment.

I dont want readers to get bored of what I post about.
I mean hamsters are hamsters durrr, the fact Eve is pregnant is very exciting but that doesnt mean its going to interest everybody.

The keep me highly entertained but I sometimes feel like I repeat myself.

Maybe once the babies have arrived I will have a new-found enthusiasm for writing lots of posts.

I mean the photos alone are going to be ADORABLE!

So keep checking back.
I will keep posting every day šŸ˜€

I have a few things in the pipeline so keep on reading!!!!


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One thought on “The Blog Slump.

  1. Nice hat, but where’s Dexter!? Ha!

    Love and licks,

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