Naughty Nibbles!

Sorry for the late post everyone. Ive been busy busy busy and I didnt even pre-write a post to do in the morning. So even though i wish to go to bed right about now, I will lovingly write a post!

There will be pictures in the next few days on Eves progress.
As its not 10 days after the mating, we can not yet be 100% sure that she actually is pregnant, but she is most definitely fatter and heavier! She sooo heavy its like holding a little weight. Dexter feels anorexic compared to Eve now!

Her belly looks a tad swollen but nothing is confirmed yet! BUT EEEEEEEEEEP!

 In other news 😉
Dex has been cheekily demanding attention at every opportunity.

The other day is a prime example.

There is me eating my Twix bar
Nom Nom Nom…
When suddenly I have a hamster in my lap gingerly licking the second bar.

 He even took a bit off the end!
The little monster!!!

I dont think he liked it however as he walked off pretty quickly.

Even so, chocolate is a no-no for rodents.

If they eat more than a lick like Dexter, it can give them very upset bellies.

More to the point why on earth would anyone in their right mind share chocolate with the hamster!

Even if they are adorable and cute – dude that chocolate is ALLLLLL yours!

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3 thoughts on “Naughty Nibbles!

  1. Yay, Eve! I can hardly wait to see our 4 little baby girls!

  2. you’re so right about the chocolate 🙂

  3. You named your hamsters like I did name my cats :> What a coincidence 😀 Or is it…?

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