The Sunday Riddle #4

Happy Sunday everybody! The day of lay-ins and chillaxing before the week ahead and that dreadful Monday feeling.

To get you pondering I have a humdinger of a riddle!
But firstly last weeks riddle:

What occurs once in every minute, once for any hamster, yet never occurs in a thousand years?

I am very impressed to say that the fabulous Rumpy figured this one out super quick!
The answer:

The letter M

Oooooh these pesky riddles eh! 😀

Now seeing as the last two riddles have been guessed I think I have to step the game up a bit and get all you readers seriously puzzled!
Ignoring the life expectancy of hamsters here (this is the only way I can adapt it to be hamster themed! 😛 So basically before it was hamster it was humans, consider it like that!)

Grab yourself a pen and pencil and get working on this mathematical dilema! 😛

There is a Hamster married couple. Lets call them Dexter and Eve. Eve is younger than Dexter and it so happens that her age is equal to the digits of his age reversed. Given that the difference in their ages is exactly an eleventh of their sum can you tell me how old Eve is?

Good Luck everyoneeeee 😀


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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Riddle #4

  1. ACK! A math word problem!

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