How To Personalize Your Hamsters Water Bottle

Now I don’t know about everyone else, but I like things to be personalized.
Its nice to know that the things I’m surrounded by are unique to me!

So applying this mind-set to my little hamsters got me thinking.
What can I personalize for them?

Their water bottles!!

So here is a step by step guide to how I transformed Dexters water bottle from this…

 … into this awesome Tetris-styled bottle!

What you need:

  • A water bottle
  • A paintbrush
  • Glass paints (Save or Splurge on these)
  • A pot of water
  • Kitchen roll (for correcting mistakes of course!)
Time Required:
30 minutes (Further drying time required when complete = approx. 1-2 hours)
Step 1.
 Assemble all of the equipment you will need on a covered table so that everything is in easy reach. Glass paints can be very quick setting and therefore if you make a mistake, dip the kitchen roll in water and wipe off immediately.  Black paint smears never look cool!
Also if you are following my tetris design then here is the layout!
I recommend you draw out and design any ideas you have before you get started especially if you are a perfectionist like myself! I had to draw out 6 whole plans before I could make a tetris-y pattern that worked! (Yes it had to be perfect!)
As you can also see, I am working with 4 basic colours which I have tried to keep an even mix throughout the design.
Step 2.
Outline your design using the black paste/pen. This holds in all the paint that you shall soon apply and also give a neat professional(ish) finish!
I started by drawing on the boxes, as straight as I can! I have such an unsteady hand it was a miracle they came out this well. Yes people, this is well-drawn for me! 😉
I have even added in a falling block as well – YOU GOTTA LIVE A LITTLE!
Before moving onto step 3, you must leave the outlines to dry. Depending on the product you are using is how long it takes. In my case it dried in 30 minutes or so.
Step 3.
Once your outlines have dried – test this by gently dabbing your finger and seeing!
Now the fun bit! You get to fill in all those boxes with your desired colours!
Its best to start with yellow – light colours first durrr!
You should see that the lines you have drawn in step 2 actually hold the colour in.
Also as you are using glass paint, the light can travel through it and make cool reflections on the walls but more importantly you can still see the level of water your hamster has left 😛
Its best to leave each colour to dry before doing the next however, its not necessary as the black outlines help out massively!
Step 4.
Pretty much the same as step 3, its filling in the boxes. Lightest colour to darkest works better as you can always cover over mistakes with the darker colour but never the other way around!
You may think that you dont like the way the colours suddenly look messy due to the transparency however I think it gives a pretty dimension and makes it really 3D. Im no artist so easy to draw blocks are a winner for me!
Step 5.
Now once all the paints are dried (This varies in time depending on product. But for me, it took about an hour)
Now all thats left is to fill up your water bottle and DAH-DAHHHH! 😀
NOTE: Do not paint the dispenser bit that pokes into the hammys cage as these paints are NOT safe to be nibbling off and eating.
Personalized your hamsters water bottle? Email me the photos – Id love to see and can feature you in a post!
What do you think of my attempt (be nice now!)
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7 thoughts on “How To Personalize Your Hamsters Water Bottle

  1. Very artistic!

    • It looks better in real-life I have to admit, the colours dont look so blended where the bottle is transparent! Looks awesome in Dexters cage, now just to think of a design for Eve! 😀

  2. Very cool. Used to love playing tetris – had forgotten about it.

    • Tetris is a beautiful game ahah, the great thing about these bottles is that you can really do just about anything you want on them! I do love a blank canvas to go crazy on 😀

  3. That’s so cool and creative. *turns to Mummy* Whee want! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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