The happy couple havent really been up to much the last few days.

I’m all hyped up about the possible pregnancy and been trying to convince myself all of Eve behaviour is ‘typical’ of pregant hammys.

“Ohh shes arranging her bed! She HAS to be preggers!” Well she does this every time she climbs out of it anyway.

 “Oh shes licking her belly! She knows theres babies in there!!” Well, shes only cleaning herself… like normal……

“Oh shes looking porkier than usual!!!” And again, even if she was up the duff she wouldnt be showing it will ten days anyway!

 I think I’m going pregnant-hamster-loopy!

 To help her out a little bit with the whole nest building malarky, we have given her a couple of sheets of toilet paper.
Hamsters LOVE shredding and nibbling them and perfect for brooding mumma hamsters to build cozy nests out of!

Her babies can only have the BEST coziest nests.

Again, the whole loopy thing springs to mind…

NOW, if you feel Dexter has been out of the spotlight for

the last few days – dont you fret!
He is creating enough mischief to keep himself well pampered and played with!

Take this morning for example.
Creating havoc by nibbling his water dispenser. The whole thing leaks out into his cage and requires a mass effort clean out. Hes done this before and I got very annoyed. I dont understand what he gets out of making mess and problems. Hes the one who then gets soggy paws and has to walk on damp sawdust until  i notice that he has no water in his bottle as its soaked into the floor!

So he may not have posts dedicated to his activities recently; he most certainly isnt being neglected.

Think hes turned into a very cheeky hamster since getting with Eve. Hes got all confident and cocky…

But hes still very adorable abd loves to curl up in our sleeves and have a nap when we get him out. Talk about old fart 😉

Till tomorrow bloggers,


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3 thoughts on “Attention-Seeking-So-and-So’s

  1. Sounds like the whole family has gone loopy! How fun!!

    Love and licks,

  2. Sounds like fun! 😉

    Maybe Dexter is trying to show off and be manly for Eve? Whee wouldn’t blame him! Love does crazy things to a furry.

    Oh and whee understand why Eve loves tissue paper, It’s great fun to tear up!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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