How to breed hamsters

The time has FINALLY arrived to breed Eve and Dexter! Eeeeep!!! 😀

Arrangements have been made (as outlined in a recent post) and things are set in place so all thats left is to let Eve and Dexter have some private time *blushes*.
So this post is the start of Project BABY.

  So where do we start with this? Ive thought of a kind of checklist to go throught before putting them together for some hanky-panky..

Is the female on heat?
For a female hamster to allow the male to mate with her she needs to be on heat. Hamsters have a four day cycle so they come on heat every 4 days.  So basically this makes it easier to breed as if she isnt on one day the maximum time youll have to wait is 4 days for the timing to be right.

How can you tell if shes on heat?
The female will smell. When you pick her up you will notice a distinct smell which is the hamster making herself known to any nearby males. Also when you stroke her along her back, she may freeze up and stick her tail in the air. This is also a huge hint that shes ready to be mated. Another clue is she may be screaming a little bit – a very high pitched squeel. This is a kind of mating call to attract the boy hamsters in the area so is a sign that shes ready to meet the man.

What will happen if you put the boy and girl together and shes not in heat?
As friendly and tame as your hamsters may be, if they are put together and the timings arent right then they will fight. You must be prepared to separate them as quickly as possible, because hamsters will get vicious and defend themselves till the death.

What will happen if you put the boy and girl together and she is in heat?
If shes ready to mate, then she will freeze in the presence of the male and lift her tail in the air. The male will then take it from there and you have lift-off! 😛

Where is a good place to let hamsters mate?
Putting either hamster in the others cage is not recommended. Syrian hamsters are solitary creatures so will become very territorial of their cages and if intruded it will stress out the hamster and most probably end in a scuffle. Being in a cage may make it harder to separate scwabbling hamsters so more damage may be done. The best place to let them get aquainted would be a neutral open area. If neither pet is territorial then the chances of fighting is less and because its open it should make it easier to interrupt if things get nasty.

How long do you leave them to it?
It varies from pet to pet. The minimum time to leave them to it is probably 15 minutes. This way the male has time to give it a try a few times, increasing the chances of conception. If the females interest wavers in this time then just separate them and try again a bit later. Its best not to leave them for longer than an hour as they might both get stressed out and that’s just not healthy.

Is it normal for the male to clean themselves obsessively while with the female?
Yes this is perfectly normal. After every meeting of the female and the male, he should wash himself all over each time. Hes got to make himself look good for the little lady. 

Is it okay to use a virgin male/virgin female?
Female hamsters tend to be very impatient with virgin males. The poor boys may try to nip and groom the girl all over before realising where hes needed. This can inevitably annoy the female and can lead to a scuffle. If this happens just separate them and try again later in the day.

How do you know if its been successful?
The only way to tell for sure is to just wait. If she gets fatter, pear shaped and takes an extra interest in nesting then its safe to assume shes pregnant. But sometimes its harder to tell. There are such things as phantom pregnancies (ill post about this is the coming days) which can confuse owners. There really isnt much chance of predicting a pregnant hamster before the gestation period.

How long is a Syrian hamster pregnancy?
Normally its between 15 to 18 days.

So Eve and Dexter will be left together for a little bit today and see how things go.
If nothing happens, I shall try again tomorrow and OF COURSE keep you posted!! 😀

Prepare yourself for lots of pregnancy and baby hamster chitterchatter on here over the next few weeks!


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6 thoughts on “How to breed hamsters

  1. How exciting – are you having a competition to guess how many babies there will be?! Looking forward to hearing how the project goes 🙂

  2. So exciting! I like babies.

    Love and licks,

  3. Babies!!! Whee wanna help to name them! Whee can have Nibbles Jr, Nutty Jr, Bingo Jr & Buddy Jr. If they are girls Nibblette, Nuttina, Bingoella, & Buddetta.

    Sorted! 😉 Lol!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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  5. anonamous

    how can you tell what age your hamster is. also, doesn’t it matter if you breed a 7 mounth with a 5 month or some sort of range like that?

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