Making Furry-Fwends

Sorry for two posts in one day… Couldnt resist posting this!

Hamsters are universally loved little creatures.
I mean whats not to love about a furry pet that can curl up in the palm of your hand and munch biscuits!
Looking at hamster pictures is a guilty pleasure.
Each one has a unique little face and each and every one of them make me go ‘Nawwwwr!’

One of my readers emailed me a picture I just HAVE to share with you all.
Meet Heston.
Now, I have been assured that lil Heston here didnt eat the contents of this box… but what a brilliant excuse anyway when you finish off a box of choccys! ‘The hamster did it…

Challenging my two this little guy is.
Going to have to step my game up on the whole cuteness thing…


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2 thoughts on “Making Furry-Fwends

  1. Yay! Couldn’t believe it when I saw that Heston was the first thing on my reader this morning! Thanks for giving him his little slice of fame. To prove how sad I am, I put my iPhone in his cage and let him see. (You should try this. I often put a youtube video on and leave it in his cage. Heston usually only bothers with it for a few seconds but it’s funny to see the surprise on his face if he accidentaly pauses something – the touchscreen works with paws too!) I think Heston, Dexter and Eve would make great online pen pals…if they could write!
    ps. A confession about the chocolate. I ate the lot…:-/. Hence the new healthy eating blog.

  2. Reblogged this on GoodGirlGlasgow and commented:
    Totally irrelevant to this blog…but this is my hamster. Enjoying a moment on a friend’s blog. So I had to.If you love hamster or just like looking at cute pictures of them, then go check out HamsterDiaries.

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