The Flying Saucer Fiasco: RESOLVED

If you follow the blog, or even just read my post from the Thursday the 21st, then you’ll be aware that I bought my hamsters a new toy. A flying saucer to be exact.
The saucer that I got turned out to be ridiculously small (even though it was a medium and displayed a hamster on the front of the box)  so we had to get the next size up and hey presto, we have ourselves a winner!

This flying saucer is 12 inches across so double the size of the medium and it takes up LOTS of room in their cages. If you have a small cage then you may struggle to fit it in!
It is HUGE and there is hardly room for the hamster now… you cant win them all! 😉

So was it big enough for the hamsters then?


They have not stopped running on wither of them! The size is perfect for a full sprint to get going which is perfect and just what they need in a confined space.

Now the next big question is; is it 100% silent? Like quoted on the box…

Try about 90% silent. Which is not too bad at all!
The mechanism itself is silent and it spins effortlessly. So in theory it spins like a dream!
In rality however, a chubby hamster waddling at full pace on a piece of plastic causes the smallest bit of wobble which if it knocks the side, will make a noise, as well as just make an unstable wibble-wobble noise.
Sometimes the hamsters get their stride right and you get very very close to silent running! But other times, Dexter booty shakes all over it and it shakes the whole cage like a good’un.

Saying this though, it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much quiter than the wheel. And peaceful nights.


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5 thoughts on “The Flying Saucer Fiasco: RESOLVED

  1. Great news! Looks like they’re having fun 🙂

  2. That saucer looks like fun. Dexter is going nowhere fast – really fast!

    • Hahahaha he is isnt he! 😛 They are such cool looking things though. Think he has also accepted hes not getting very far 😉 hehe xx

  3. Yay! I got the medium one once, left it in Heston’s cage for a day and then binned it. Bloody useless for Syrians like you say. I’ve just upgraded him to a bigger wheel which I found on amazon and it is much quieter than the Savic Rolly one he had. I’m back from Greece and enjoying the Glasgow weather (not – it’s pissing it down). Heston stayed with our friends who have a tortoise called Peggy and when we went over to collect him, he woke up and peered out when he heard my voice! Awww! Having a hamster is so much more rewarding than people think! Keep up the great posts!

    • Nice one! How was Greece? Hahaha typical weather eh! 😛 Awwww thats adorable! He must have missed you lots! Hope hes had lots of cuddles to make up for lost time 😛 hehe, it is so rewarding. Especially seeing the little furries so happy ^.^ And about these saucers – totally agree; useless! I have the large ones now (not sure if youve caught up with that post yet) but its much better – but now theres no space for anything else in their cages hahaha cant win them all 😛

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