Happy 50th Post Hamster Diaries!

This is a milestone.
For some, it may not be a milestone.
For some, it wont even be a speck on their ritual blogging habits.

But for me however, the serial-bloggist who has never actually made it past 20 or so posts, this is an achievement!

 I remember sitting at my laptop last month and deciding my new baby hamster needed some attention. He needed some fame!

I typed up that blissfully innocent first post and hit the ‘Publish’ button.

That was back when Dexter was a mere ball of fur with ears bigger than his head almost and hadn’t ever taken a sh*t on the sofa! Awwwwwww wasnt he cute!

Okay so hes still cute!

I understand this would be a more appropriate to post about my 100th or even my 1000th post (cor blimey if I ever get there!), or even after a year or 6 month time period of blogging!

But I think if i didnt celebrate the little wins, I wouldnt have such a drive to write material everyday.

Dont get me wrong, I love writing this blog!
I dont travel the world, so thats no exotic travels and no wild stories to tell. I cant cook for love nor money (I am pretty much who the microwave was invented for). I cant draw or paint – a monkey with a bin on its head has more sense of art than me! I cant even play an instrument, and damn I have tried hard to learn!
So in the end what on earth could I blog about that people want to read about. (They sure don’t want as list of all my failings, do they??)

So my hamsters – my gorgeous, fluffy, innocent, dependant, little hamsters – are what I can write about without having to force a persona or fabricate nonsense for my audience.

These are my hamsters.
This is what they do.
This is what I think.
And here’s a picture to make you go ‘awhhhhh‘.

So having reached a seemingly low number of posts doesnt phase me.
I am impressed with myself for getting thus far and having nearly 100 followers with overall viewings of my blog in the thousands.

Who would have thought that my ickle furry hamsters would ever achieve that ey?!?!

 Thank you again for reading and make sure you are FOLLOWING to be in with a chance of winning that prestigious BEST BLOG AWARD  on this Saturday (the 30th)


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10 thoughts on “Happy 50th Post Hamster Diaries!

  1. Well done and keep them coming! 🙂

  2. Congrats! (Is dexter a bit chubby or is it just because of he’s pose in the second picture?:) )

  3. Don’t sell yourself short! 50 is big! Congratulations!

    Love and licks,

  4. Fifty posts is great (whee had a mini celebration for our post no. 50 a few days ago. It involved large amounts of veggies!)

    As an experimental blogger herself, Mummy understands you! She started a couple of two-post blogs before whee intervened and created a blog with meaning, drama and piggy lips!

    Congratulations, may you enjoy many more mini celebrations along with us (whee started blogging around the same time so whee are practically a furfamily!)

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Oooooo we shall share many celebrations then! Hope i can keep it up for as long as you guys though 😉 hehehe, I definitaley seeing your views go up and your followers go up and the whole blogging buzz makes it worth it. And 50 is defos worth cheering for 😛 xx

  5. Hell yes it’s a milestone! When I reached fifty I did a little dance in my chair and beamed a sunshiny smile to myself 🙂 you’ve created an awesome blog that resonates with people because it’s what you know and love. So keep it up I need my fix!
    That photo of Dexter and the seed star is my favourite pic of all on your site, I love love love it 🙂

    • hehehe i also danced in my chair. And then the kitchin. and then in my chair again. 😉
      Why shucks! Im super duper flattered ^.^ You shall have your fix ! Its my duty! 😉
      Its my fav too, he looks so cheeky and cute! Now hes all podgy its hard to snap him looking like it ;D hehehe dont tell him i said that though 😉

  6. Oooh yay congratulations on reaching 50 posts and almost 100 followers!! I definitely think you should celebrate the little achievements as well as the big ones 🙂 I’ve just reached my first month of blogging and I’m celebrating!! When I reach 50 followers I’m having a giveaway for both that and the one month anniversary 🙂 (I’m currently at 39 followers so not too far away!)
    And good luck with Eve being pregnant!!

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