Achievement Unlocked: Be A Hamster 50G

Multi-tasking our attention to the hamsters is becoming an art form.

Especially when Dexter interrupts him playing on his xbox.
Yes Dexter is hyperactive and slightly crazy when it comes to exploring the sofa but its even funner for him when me and my bf are sat there too!

Somehow I don’t think Dex would be any good at ‘Dragons Dogma‘ but he tried to have a go none the less!

 Starting to think he has a thing for technology.
He licks phone screens, walks across the laptop keyboard and walks across my iPad screen at every opportunity.
Dont know what it is that compels him to do it but meh, if hes happy then I am happy!

I think he likes to climb in our hands because he gets attention when we do that!

Hes a simple thing.

So tomorrow is Sunday and you know what that means! The answer to last weeks riddle and a new riddle to perplex your brain for a week! Did you work it out?? Tomorrow I shall reveal all!
Just to tell you, so far noone has guessed correctly!!!
Curious?! Find out tomorrow everyone!!


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One thought on “Achievement Unlocked: Be A Hamster 50G

  1. yes I’m curious, I’m crap at riddles!

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