Dining in Style

Dexter has a funny way of making things difficult for himself.
Take nibbling the remainder of his hanging chewstick for example.
Couldnt just eat it like a normal hamster could he? No.
He had to stand, legs spread, on his wheel and artistically weave side to side whilst trying to fit the whole thing in his mouth.
As I seem to be saying more and more often nowadays “we have a special little hamster”.

And its rubbing off on little Eve!
She can no longer eat her food like a good hamster, she has to bury herself face first into the bowl.
(Now where have I seen that before??)

Now if you read yesterdays post, “The Flying Saucer Fiasco” you’ll know that neither of the hammys could fathom out how the saucer quite worked.
Well we left one in Eve’s cage for her to get used to over night and would you believe she managed to get a little jog out of it!
Granted, she walked like she had lop-sided legs because the saucer is still too small, but at least shes showing in an interest in it I suppose!
Knowing she will make the most of the new ones that are on their way in the post is kind of reassuring.
Dexter we arent so convinced about.
Seeing as hes had a wheel for so long we are not so sure he’ll adjust to a saucer very well. But we shall just have to wait and see!

Here is Eve showing off her new running skills on the saucer. Only a short clip with crap quality but it was dark when I filmed it so just appreciate little Eve in it πŸ˜›

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5 thoughts on “Dining in Style

  1. So she got the hang of it in the end! Still doesn’t look 100% comfortable πŸ™‚

    • No not comfortable but quite amusing to watch! πŸ˜› Shes getting there! Cant wait for the larger saucers to arrive now! Shes going to love it!

  2. Dexter looks so cute – maybe he was trying to give himself a workout by balancing on he wheel…

  3. Eve, you are a problem solving genius! You killed it on the saucer! Go, girl!

    Love and licks,

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