The Flying Saucer Fiasco

You know I said about not spoiling my two beautiful Syrian hamsters for a while?
I lied.
Well, more like I just didn’t last very long at not treating them!

The latest toy to bless our hammys is the ‘Flying Saucer’

The flying saucer is a sort of wheel ‘replacement’ for hamsters.
It is a cupped-dish-thingy which is held at an angle on a base so that when little hammys feet go plodding along it, it spins.
“So pretty much like a slanty wheel” I hear you say.
Well this product is supposedly “100% silent!”
mmm we’ll see about that.

This particular size (medium) was £6.99 and spans 6.5 inches across-ways.
This is perfect size for russian dwarf hamsters perhaps but, as you will soon see, is nowhere near big enough for syrian hamsters.
Not even close!

It comes in three colours (pushing the boat out here) green, blue and purple.

The thing is easily assembled – the top dish thing just clips onto a ready prepared base thing.  Too many ‘things‘?

So yeah, the magical claim to this product is that its silent. Now Dexter is one of the noisiest runners I have ever encountered. His distinct booty-shake when he runs makes the whole stand alone wheel wobble and shake with his swagger.
This, as you could imagine, is ridiculously noisy.

So Dex was first to try it out.
Straight away, I realised this saucer was way too small for my chubby Dexter!
Watching him fail repeated at trying to get it to spin resulted in some hilarious walking and a very embarrassed hamster!

Originally I assumed he just needed to be shown how it was done.
I mean looking at it, I wouldn’t have the foggiest either!
So plonking him in place and waiting for him to realise was plan A.
Waiting for that miraculous silent running to begin was a disappointing task.

Eve was up next.
I was feeling positive about this little one.
Shes still a diddy hamster and being lightweight may have had its advantages for this product!

Even tiny Eve was too big for it.
There was no space for her to stretch her legs along the bottom of the dish and run.

 So overall, the flying saucer was a bit of a fail.
It looks quirky and was incredibly quiet for an exercise device!
But a medium? Not for Syrians.

My lovely boyfriend has ordered a large flying saucer (which is 12 inches in diameter so double the size of this one) for each of the hamsters!
Pretty sure he only agreed so quick because he wants a good nights sleep from the noisy athletes!

They will soon be with us and an update of the flying saucer fiasco will be on its way!

In the mean time, here is a video of both hamsters valiantly attempting to master the flying saucer, and yes failing.
Try not to laugh too hard when Eve goes whizzing off the edge near the end.

Have you seen one of these before? Even given one a try?
Let me know!


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9 thoughts on “The Flying Saucer Fiasco

  1. So, it looks like large wouldn’t help much either! Poor furries – how disappointing for them 😦

    • We haven’t received the large ones yet, but seeing as they’re double the size of these medium ones I’m hoping they’ll be better. 🙂 they look awesome though (going to have to hope I get purple ones :P)

  2. Oh Man! That saucer is hilarious. PLEASE don’t let Mom see that video. She will want me to run on a super-sized wheel like that so I won’t scratch up the floors and fur up the furniture when I run and jump and slide and fly like a bird.

    Love and licks,

  3. I don’t think they do doggie sizes but I WISH they did cupcake! I think you’d look super running on one… Come on your tempted to try it out right ??, hehe 😀

  4. HAHAHAAA! OMG! I totally thought Eve was gunna do the ‘bend ‘n’ snap’ off Legally Blonde 2 when she was up on her hind legs!!! FULL ON! ooooh so funny 🙂
    Falling off at the end brought the giggles 🙂 Love it!

    I’m jealous your pet toys are so cheap over there!

    • These saucer things are one of the best purchases I’ve made but they are so unusual people don’t get them and so stick to ordinary wheels. Provides me with as much entertainment as them!! 😛 it’s so bizarre that they’re so expensive where you are. Pretty much all rodent accessories comes under the ten pound mark. Think that’s why they do it, I buy more because they’re cheaper 😛

  5. Reblogged this on Roborovski Hamsters and commented:
    Very cute when your hammy stood on the saucer. Saw that ‘wheel’ at the pet store but decided to go with the traditional one. Your ham may be too big for this!

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