Dexter and Eve: A Love Story

I tried to let Dexter write his own blog post.

 It went along the lines of:
3edyjtfb nnnnnnnnnnnn mmmmm
So I thought better of the idea.

In other news, Dexter has started nibbling his water bottle at night.
Not so much the container part but the metal nozzle that pokes into the cage.
Its noisy.
Its annoying.
And it makes the bottle leak.

In one night he managed to empty nearly 3/4’s of the bottle, soaking the majority of sawdust and bedding in his cage.

Did I mention this was the day AFTER I had cleaned it all out and filled with lovely new stuff?
Well I just did. Talk about fustrating!

Eve on the other hand, is beautifully behaved!

 Shes silent at night.
She doesnt wee or poo on me.
She doesnt drench everything the night after Ive cleaned her cage out.

We let her and Dexter have a little sniff of each other the other day.
I kept a tight hold of Eve and my boyfriend kept an even tighter hold of Dexter (who was extremely keen to “greet” the little lady).

Dexter even tried to nip her on the ear which was the cue for me to separate them for another few days!

So as it stands, Dexter is much keener on her than she is on him. Nawwwr, its so sweet seeing their little relationship blossom!
I wish they would get together already damnit!!!

But no.
Like all great soap-relationships its going to take some time, some ups-and-downs and then some more time for them to get together.
(But it will be spectacular!)

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9 thoughts on “Dexter and Eve: A Love Story

  1. Eve’s ears are soooo pretty!! 🙂

  2. Dexter, we should email each other! I like to fall asleep on Mom’s iPad and accidentally type QQQQQQ with my ear. I am a wordsmith. So are you!

    Love and licks and QQQQQQ,

  3. Soooo sweet:))

  4. I can’t imagive Eve calling out “Oh Romeo!” from the top of her cage anytime soon with Dexter behaving like that! He needs tips on how to woo the ladies! Buddy would of course be willing to help seeing as he has his own fanclub. (Buddy’s Babes!)

    Whee recommend love poems. Females of all species go crazy for a good love poem!

    They are so cute though! Whee once met a hamster when Mummy was petsitting. It was horrible and tried to bite us. Luckily Dexter and Eve in a computermabob screen so can’t get to us!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Hoop me neither. He’s gotta learn that he’s coming on too stronger and isn’t going to win her heart like that. I can see her almost rolling her eyes at him – and he’s supposed to be the more mature one 😛 hehe, dexter will gladly take tips from Guru Buddy! 😀
      Hmm poetry, I’m sure he could give it a go 😛 haha
      Oh noo,! These two would never bite another animal (other than to show affection – were working on that bit) so you don’t have to be frightened of them!! You’re much bigger and scarier than these wimps 😛 xx

  5. oh no Dex is the older one not the more mature one! lol.
    They are both so adorable! I gave up the water feeder with the metal pipe thing for the rats. They just didn’t drink much and I found it really annoying to get out of the cage and fill up everyday. Now they just have the same kind of water vessel as a bird, a big open thing that hangs off the cage bars and they look SOOOOOOOOOOO cute when they stand and lean their front feet on it to lap lap lap like cats! They drink heaps of water now.
    I have read that rats should never have open water bowls because they get cage bedding and poop and stuff in it, and yes sometimes they do, but I change it every single day with new filtered water and sometimes twice if they’re thirsty or they’ve kicked or thrown crap into it. The end.
    Could Dexy have an open water dish?

    • Hmmm it was a possibility we were considering for him. But then the worrys of ‘wet tail’ creep into consideration and that would not be good at all! I looked online and found some stand-alone style water bottles which I wondered if they’d be any better but chances are podgy dexter would only knock it over!! awwwwwwww get a snap of them lapping the water, I’ve never actually seen a rat do that!! Must be adorable !! Sometimes I wish hamsters were that little more independent 😛

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