The Cutest Hoodie You’ll Ever See

If you have followed this blog for a while, you may be aware that I try to distract my fella with the hamster in a variety of ways. (Plonking Dexter on his shoulder being a particular favourite of mine πŸ˜›)

Well I now have a new favourite technique!

Putting the hammy in his hoodie! Dexter doesn’t seem to mind being in cosy little spaces at all. In fact, he makes himself very at home in them at every opportunity. A hood was of course no different!

Β HE LOOKS SO CUTE! (the hamster not the back of my bfs head)

Β I would try this with Eve but shes a very delicate lil thing and I worry that the hood may smother her slightly. Shes only itty-bitty!

Dexter, who is now full size, is much more robust. As in he can tumble onto the sofa and carry on fine. Eve is so fragile and still just a lil bubba and I dont want to risk anything breaking her. Yes. I am well aware I sound like aΒ looney.

I know I say it a lot, but look at that face>>>>!!! People who dislike rodents because of their pointed faces or “their little wee-feet”Β as my Dad would say, just need to check out Dexter and his oober-adorable face. They aint so bad! They’re just misunderstood little critters really!

Now, do you remember back to my post a few days ago about ‘How to build a hamster maze‘ and right at the bottom of it I promised there was a video coming soon??

YouΒ doΒ remember? SPLENDID! Well I have uploaded the short clips of the hammys exploring the tunnels and have put them to a bit o’ music. Its a very short clip,Β they run pretty quick I tell yah,Β so make sure you check it out below.

Also both hamsters feature in this video -at seperate times of course – as I just wanted to show you that they both enjoyed the new thrify-thinking toy I had slaved over!

And also, whilst I remember, I just wanted to say aΒ massive thank youΒ to all the new readers and followers out there who have discovered Hamster Diaries! You have seriously made my day! Make sure you check out all the new stuff I have added to the blog. Smartened it up a little and tidied away some loose ends basically; makes the whole blog easier to navigate and all that. Yep, I’m getting serious with this people! So enjoy the video!


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16 thoughts on “The Cutest Hoodie You’ll Ever See

  1. Dexter is so adorable! And I love the putting him in the hood trick – will have to try it myself!

  2. They are so adorable running around in the tunnels! They must love it!

    • Thank you, yes they do love it! As burrowing and tunnelling is natural and instinct for them, being given a tunnel to play in seems like heaven for them :p

  3. That tunnel is adorable! The hamsters look like they’re having fun and thinking, “MOM! You went shopping??!” New toys are the best. If I had that thing, I’d likely stick my pointy, bony nose in and get it stuck.

    Love and licks,

    • Sometimes I wish I could read their minds just to see what they think πŸ˜€ hehe aww I would offer to make you a Cupcake-sized tunnel but I don’t think Pepsi comes in big enough bottles πŸ˜› hehehe x

  4. Our Mummy once cut a hood off an old hoody and turned it into a cozy for us. Her Mummy was not happy but whee were snuggled up and warm! πŸ˜‰

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Aww what a nifty idea!! Although, my boyfriend may just KILL me if I ever cut up his favourite hoodie πŸ˜› is a wicked idea though :))

  5. My partner has started putting the fat rats in his hood and the big pocket in his hoodie…we will be out at the shops and I’ll see a tail fall out of a pocket…”um…did you actually bring the rats with you?”…………..”yes”…

    • O.M.G. WHy havent I thought of doing that sooner?!?!?! Thats brilliant, will definitely have to sneak one out for a look at the outside worl. Maybe once Dex has stopped peeing everywhere πŸ˜› I dont fancy a soggy pocket! πŸ˜›

      • we’re used to it. Well I’m used it (don’t like it, but used to it) and the partner is getting used to it. When he feels them start to squirm he takes to them to go to the loo in their cage and they seem to be learning to HOLD ON! At least in his pockets and hoods… :/

        • Aww did you do anything imparticular to potty-train them ?? Dexter has his little wee-corner which he’ll go in unless of course he’s not in his cage in which case he just pees where he stands after do a bum-shuffle.

          • there are ways to train rats and I found resources online. I started to try, but moving their poos to one corner, and tried creating a dish like a kitty litter dish and stuff, but it is nowhere near as easy as a cat (because they are peeing all the TIME!) and I just gave up.
            Now, all the partner is doing is putting them in their cage when they squirm in his pocket, waiting for them to pee/poop and then putting them back in his pocket. Rats are really smart so they seem to be getting that technique and amazingly they are peeing less on me in general.
            So all I can say with any real confidence is try the ‘remove when the bum shuffle starts’ technique or look online and stick with it. Unlike me haha!

            • Hahaha, yeah there was once a bum shuffle and you have never seen a human being move so quick πŸ˜› I picked him up and he peed in the air whilst I was rushing like a looney to put him back in his cage πŸ˜› Was messsssssssssy! πŸ˜› Im not a very patience person, Ill stick with the slowborg method πŸ˜€

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