The Pursuit Of That ‘Mythical’ Pet Perfection!

Dexter has become a very cheeky little hamster.
I cant look away for five minutes without him creating mischief!

Take this morning as a prime example. I put Dex on my bed to let him have a little crawl around.
I happened to leave the lid off of the treat bowl slightly, not thinking much of it, and within about 5 seconds Dexter had tipped the lid off, climbed in and made him self at home in the little tub, scoffing everything into his cheeks!
Whipped him out pretty quick I tell yah (after I took a quick photo of course)!

I like to think telling off a hamster works.
Like when you say ‘No’ to a puppy, it will flutter its eyes at you and whimper a little. It gets the message, it knows not to do it. Hamsters are not that intelligent and when I say ‘No’ to Dexter, not only do I look a little bit insane but he will just hold his breath and then wiggle like a fish out of water.

I mean just look at his face!
An innocent, ‘no-I-would-never-pee-in-your-bed’ kinda look.
Well mister, I know your game. I know what your up to, you evil little munchkin!

In fact you know when you tell a small child off and they have to try and hold back a giggle of guilt, yeah that’s definitely how Dexter looks right now.

He also looks massively uncomfortable in this position. That’s because he was trying to wriggle free from my stern glare – like any sane creature would.

Tehe, but who could stay mad at that face?!! Seriously, I have no will-power or strength for staying mad and angry. Im working on it, okay?

This proves ESPECIALLY difficult when it comes to trying to en-still a little bit of discipline into the room.
I dont want my hamster to be an nuisance.
I want to able to show him to friends and family and be like ‘look at how awesome he is!’ without him then crapping in my hand and walking off swinging his butt in the air! Its just not on, right?!

I think its human instinct to want to reach perfection with our pets.
Everyone woman knows that no bloke is perfect when we look for a partner; for example no matter how hard I try to brag that I have the perfect boyfriend, he still farts in bed and uses the last of the loo roll without telling me!
So then why do we want our pets to be hammered into neat little boxes of perfect behaviour!?
Isn’t it the imperfections that make them so perfect!?

Do you know what, I want Dexter to pee on the floor and crap where he likes from now on.
Hes my little hamster, hes my little cuddle-companion and I wouldnt have him any other way!
There I said it.
…Damn these pets get into your head!!!

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14 thoughts on “The Pursuit Of That ‘Mythical’ Pet Perfection!

  1. Yeah it’s amazing what you get used to and put up with when you’re in love with your rodents!

    • Haha couldn’t agree more 😛 I’m sure he’ll tone donwn the peeing eventually but for now I won’t complain.. Well not complain too much anyways 😉

  2. First of al Dexter, you are adorable and nice work on taking advantage of getting a snack whenever you can. 🙂 We think you said it in that an animal’s imperfections are what make us all special.

    Bella and DiDi

  3. Cupcake has awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award. Visit for details. Congratulations!

  4. Imperfections are what make anyone or anything perfect! In fact you should love them more for it. Adorable pictures as usual 🙂

  5. Well done Dexter. You have managed to convince your hooman you do not understand. Now, no matter what naughtiness you get up to, she will only tell you off a little and forgive you! Bingo has a cute face he uses in similar situations to yours. He discussed them in his post today in fact!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  6. Dexter you are very cute!! My human used to have pet rats so she likes all types of creatures and critters. You just keep looking and being cute Dex and you will be able to get away with anything you want!

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