Fact-File: Eve

I get the feeling I dont balance out my posts between the two hamsters very well.
So I have decided to write up a quick-fire fact-file for each hamster in turn, for new and current readers, to get a better idea of who this blog is all about.


Reason for Name:
Its a very pretty name for a very pretty hamster!
And she’s the first girl hammy I’ve ever owned so it fits!

Evie, Missy, Lady, Evie-poo


Approx. 2 months

Date Bought:
1st June 2012

Cage Colour:

Breed of Hamster:

Not very heavy. (sorry I haven’t found my scales)

White, brown, goldey and ginger.

Very good.

Calm and quiet but sometimes nervous.

Just about 😛 She was very well behaved from the first day to be honest!

I suppose yes. She hasn’t pee’d or pooped on anybody yet unlike a certain male hamster I know…

Best Feature:
Her beautiful speckled ears.
Or maybe its them hench muscles she has 😛

Favourite Treat:
Dog treats (very lady-like I know)

Annoying Habit:
“Friendly” nibbling (‘Its a sign of affection babe.’ says my boyfriend. Mmmm, likely story *rolls eyes*)

Favourite Toy:
Bars of her cage; does that count as a toy?
If not then her tunnel.

Best Skill:
Building a very impressive little nest!

Favourite Owner:
My boyfriend 😛
He is yet to be “affectionately” nipped by her unlike me!

Favourite Hiding Place:
In her tunnel.

Most Active Time Of Day:

Best Photo (so far):

Current Activity:
Quietly nibbling something in the depths of her bed.

I will fill out this exact same questionnaire for Dexter in tomorrows post.
Think you know Dexter well? Think you can predict some of the answers? Comment below!


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8 thoughts on “Fact-File: Eve

  1. Eve is beautiful! I can’t wait to learn about Dexter. If they lived at my house, I’d probably be afraid of them. I have a mechanical hamster in a plastic ball, and it scares me half to death.

    Love and licks,

    • Hehe thank you 😛 Aww at least with a mechanical hamster, it can suddenly jump or sprint at you 😛 these two are unpredictable 😀 I’m sure they can be friends with you :)) they’re all fluffy and loveable really!! 😛

  2. Hiya Eve!
    How’s life where you are?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog =^.^=

    • Hehe, life is pretty normal. It would be boring if I didn’t have these two beauts to keep me on my toes 😛 that’s alright, I love reading about other pets :))

  3. The photos are adorable! I used to have a hamster when I was younger but I was terrified of it because it bit me one time. I’d love to get another one! And yours look so tame-Well done with that!

    • Aww thank you, it was definitely a matter of patience and as I lack all forms of patience, my bf stepped in a worked on it with them (prob’s why he’s the favourite!)

  4. Shyannah

    They are soo cute! I love hamsters, haven’t had one since I was a little kid. Nice blog!

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