Can Hamsters Get Concussion?

Experience has showed my that my hamsters have absolutely no sense of consequence.
They jump off of platforms, run into walls, climb up the bars and all sorts. 

Eve, as you may have read before, has a hobby of climbing on the bars of her cage.

A kind of monkey-bar exercise if you like.
She manages to hold on for impressive amounts of time, and covers every inch of the wired cage upside-down.

 There are then the times that she lets go and doesn’t quite land so smoothly after clambering on the ceiling for a bit.
Basically she face-plants the floor.
(As you will see on the video below – try not to laugh too hard when she splats on the floor!)

This raises the following questions;

Can hamsters get concussed? 
Yes, hamsters CAN get concussion.
When dropped from a height, in a ball or if they’ve jumped out of your hand onto a hard floor, these small rodents can suffer horrible injuries.
The first port of call if you suspect your hamster is seriously injured, is the vets.

Get things checked out if you aren’t sure!

How can you tell if your hamster is concussed?
You will notice the following from your hamster:

  • disorientation
  • limping
  • lack of appetite
  • unusual/jumpy behaviour
  • excessive sleepiness

These are all warning signs that you have an unhappy hamster!
Unlike humans, hamsters tend not to vomit with concussion which means it can be slightly harder to spot. So just keep an extra careful eye on your hamster in the following days after a hard fall.

What do I do if my hamster has concussion?
First of all, visit a vet.
Its better to be safe than sorry!
There are things you can do at home too.

  1. Remove the exercise wheel.
    (This may seem counter-productive however if your poorly hamster does vigorous exercise it may worsen the problem and slow recovery. As long as the exercise wheel is returned after 3-4 days the worst of the injury should be over.)
  2. Assist your hamster when drinking water. 
    (Concussion can make it extra hard for your little pet to get all the fluids it needs. So just help them out when they are at their water dispenser by gently squeezing the bottle so droplets are easier to drink, or take the water dispenser to your pet and hand feed them.)
  3. Make sure there are no bright lights or loud noises around.
    (This is particularly important when your pet is poorly with a head injury. If they are in the same room as a TV, keep it turned down, if they are near a window, keep the curtain/blinds closed, etc) 

 Can hamsters concuss themselves in their own cages?
There is the possibility that they can concuss themselves in their own cages however these cages are designed to be as safe as possible for the little critters!
As you can see from my hamster Eve, she face-plants the floor a good 10 times or so a night and she is fine!
She can handle a few bumps and falls – the main thing is she doesn’t fall very far and has a cushioned landing of sawdust too.

This is the video Im sure you have all been waiting for.
Eve doing the monkey bars, followed by an attractive SPLAT onto the floor.

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11 thoughts on “Can Hamsters Get Concussion?

  1. good info!

  2. And Eve has amazing upper body strength…wow!

  3. Hahaha sooo funny!! Our mice love climbing on the top of their cage too, but they seem a little more nimble than Eve! I don’t think they have ever fallen, but they do have tails that help them balance. I should video them some time! 😀

    • Yeah hamsters aren’t famous for their climbing abilities; tunnelling and entertainment maybe lol. They certainly aren’t graceful in their efforts either 😛 you should video them, would love to watch 😀 what are they called? 🙂

      • They are both females, one is called Chocolate as she is brown and the other is called Strawberry as she has slightly red eyes 🙂 She used to have white and cream coloured fur when we first got her as a baby but now she’s turning grey! We’ve had them for a year now, they are so cute! I’d love a hamster too, but we have decided to wait until we don’t have the mice any more before buying anything else.
        I will video them soon and put it on my blog! They share a cage, and often try to push each other off the bars at the top! Mean, but very funny to watch! 😀

        • Awww that’s so sweet! I’m guessing same sex mice can live together happily unlike syrian hamsters? I see, well you should totally keep hamsters in mind for your next pet, more dependant than mice perhaps but still awesome pets to have! 😀

          • Yes, they prefer to live in pairs, they are very social. I will definitely keep hamsters in mind, and it would be great to compare them to mice! 🙂

            • Aww I sometimes wish hamsters could be more sociable – that way I could get more 😛 but they are solitary creatures and it’s how they work out best 🙂 I’d love to know how they compare to the bigger rodents out there.

              • Yeah I know what you mean! I think animals are so interesting to watch, I love learning about them! It would be really interesting to see the difference between similar types 🙂

  4. Brightheart20019

    Thanks. My dog or cat (most likely my dog) just knocked my hamster’s cage off the shelf! I just found my hamster, and I think she’s okay, but I’m not sure. Thanks for the information. I will definitely keep a look out for the signs. By the way, your video of your hamster Eve was hilarious!

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