Theres a furry something in your slipper…

You know when life throws you one of them moments that just make you genuinely really happy?
Yeah, I had one of them.
You know when life throws you one of them moments that makes you scream ‘CAAAAAM ON, SERIOUSLY?!’
Yeah, I had one of those too. 

 Letting the hamster run around the sofa is a very energetic trial for all involved.
I definitely cotton-wool the little fella; if he gets too close to the edge I move him, if he spends one millisecond too long suspiciously sniffing something I move him, etc etc.

So when he was running around today he dashed into my boyfriends slipper (which for some reason was on the sofa) I had to flinch and attempt to pull him out before he suffocated!!

But Dexter crawled in and I swear if hamsters could smile, he definitely grinned from ear to ear!

He shuffled about, got comfy and just sat there watching the world go by for a good few minutes.
(he sat there as if he knew what that slipper said and was thinking “yeah I’m mr perfect, don’t you go forgetting it lady!”)

 It was such an adorable sight,
I couldn’t bring myself to drag him out!

Another favourite spot to let the hammy’s roam, is on top of the duvet, a risky place to play I know.

Eve went first.
She loves all the bumps and lumps to climb over and is basically a gigantic adventure play park for her!
Keeping a super-duper close eye on her of course, she took her time and absolutely loved it.
She did get scarily close to the edge a few times which is where my cotton-wooling nature kicks in and I plop them back in the middle of the duvet.
Endless fun, non?

You are correct to think this is all going too well.

Eve and Dexter have very different exploration styles.
Eve will delicately waddle along, covering every inch and then slowly siddle off the edge (which is where I jump in).
Dexter on the other hand has a much more ‘bull-in-a-china-shop’ method of exploring which involved excitedly sprinting around trying to climb all objects – including myself.

Whereas Eve holds a very feminine demeanor – she is yet to poop or pee on either of us owners – Dexter on the other hand, is very much a shitmachine (s’cuse my french).

He is fine for the first 10 minutes of playtime and then like a miniature machine-gun, he poo’s for England!
Classy right?We let him run for approximately 9 minutes and 59 seconds before putting him back in his cage to unleash all that pent up crap in his own space.

On this one occasion, our clocks must have been a few seconds out because instead of shitting in the bed, he pissed.

Owning a pet is full of beautiful moments; this is not one of them.

I briskly whipped him off the duvet and plonked him straight in his cage.
“Naughty step for you mister!”

So thank you oh glorious creature for leaving a terrible pong as well as create a mountain of new washing.
There I was assuming only the boyfriend could manage such a feat.

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5 thoughts on “Theres a furry something in your slipper…

  1. Whee are quite well behaved and stomp our feet or nip our Mummy’s fingers when whee need to get back. Sometimes it take her some time to notice and whee are pratically crossing our back paws and hopping up and down in desperation! Once one of us, who whee will not name, peed on our Mummy’s parents bed. She used a hairdrier to dry it quickly and squirted it with a pint of febreeze! Till this day no one ever found out! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Awww at least you try to tell her when you gotta go! Dexter will spontaneously lift his tail and shazzam – you have an icky puddle.
      :O :O naughty piggies!!! Your secret is safe with me! 😛

  2. Aditix

    He looks cute in that slipper 🙂

  3. There is definately a lot to know about this issue. I like all the points you’ve made.

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