see-sAWESOME (See what I did there)

So now it is Dexter’s turn to hog the limelight in another toy review/not-so-bitchy session!

Where oh where can you go wrong with a see-saw!
I was never any fun on a see-saw myself as a kid. One bad experience of landing like a ton of spuds on my tailbone was enough to put me off see-saws forever!

BUT, for my beautiful hamsters I am sure there wont be that problem!

This small wooden see-saw is flat-packed by Pets at Home for a reasonable £2.69 and is super easy to assemble! (I still got my boyfriend to do it though, cringe)

Despite it being easy to put together, the wood split instantly when popping everything into place and the whole thing wasnt exactly stable!

BUT it looks the part and does the job – depsite the split wood – so I cant complain.
Dexter is heavy enough for it to tip just as he crosses over the middle but Eve who is lighter has to tread right to the end to experience the whole see-saw effect!

As well as being cute to watch them walk over, it also serves the purpose of gnawing down teeth and acting pretty much as a glorified chew toy!
I can live with that…

Its lightweight and blah blah blah.
I would recommend it as a toy. It entertains, is multi-functional and doesn’t require constant supervision, like a certain other toy I have reviewed.

Dexter approves.
Eve approves.
We have ourselves a good product!

Got one? Want one? Binned one?
What do you think?


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2 thoughts on “see-sAWESOME (See what I did there)

  1. Looks like great fun! Whee get the feeling that whee would just have to look at it and the weight of our stares would be heavy enough to break it. 😉

    Will have to get Mummy to be inventive and make us one. Amazing what you can do with and old ice cream tub and an empty packet of pringles!


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