Dexter has a girlfriend!!

Being an impulsive person has its major benefits.
I know never to plan too far ahead because I always change my mind and end up doing something last minute anyway!

So when I popped into Pets at Home to pick out a new toy for Dexter – I should have known it wasn’t going to leave empty handed.
We got Dexter a girlfriend!

Her name is Eve.
She is a 2 month old Syrian Hamster and SHES GORGEOUS!

This is her blog debut photograph – her poking her head out of the box she came in from the shop!

She very nervously clambered out into her new cage and seemed to be running around like a headless chicken within minutes!

We swapped the cages over, making sure to clean all possible scents off, as we decided to fall neatly into the boy/girl = pink/blue stereotype.

So Eve has a pretty pink cage and Dexter has been given a boyish blue cage!

We are having to make sure that Dexter and Eve are kept securely separated for now as we don’t want any baby hamsters just yet!

So we have totally different cages, we hold them at different times and let them exercise at different times too.

However last night seemed to awaken a whole new Dexter, as he nibbled his bars and made a HUUUGE racket – we think he wants his new ladies affection after all she is a stunner! 😉

He knows shes nearby… And before anyone points it out – they are still boyfriend and girlfriend even if they are kept apart.
Its a long distance relationship – nothing serious yet (early days and all that).

As you can see from her coat she has some pretty impressive colourings! She has a pure white belly and bootyful speckled ears.
Her face is very round and SUPER cute!

I struggled massively trying to get a picture of her where you could see all her markings as she didnt stop running about until about 3 in the morning… i know she because added to Dexter’s racket, I didnt get much sleep at all!

Bizarrely, Eve is very tame already.

She doesnt mind being held – she can be a little skitty if someone moves too quick or makes her jump – but nothing unexpected and the fact she allows herself to be picked up and petted is very unusual.

As a child I was always told that female hamsters were more aggressive and ill-tempered than the male hamsters…
(and I always have to flick my boyfriend a stern look when he attempts to agree)
…as having a female I can really see that aggression and temperaments will only be down to individual differences and the way an owner handles that pet.

Dexter may not look very impressed here…
But really I just woke him up with a camera in his face so I can understand the evil eyes here!

I also think he was pouting as I had just told him we had got him a girlfriend!
Its his sexy lady-pulling face 😉

Anyway, let me know what you think of the cute couple!

There is SOOOO much more to come on this blog so make sure you follow if you arent already and feel free to comment or ask any questions!


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12 thoughts on “Dexter has a girlfriend!!

  1. That last picture of Dexter is so funny:) So nice that you got him a girlfriend! I had two hamsters when I was little (one was an albino, so cute!), they had different cages but when I let them play together they would fight ALL the time. It was like a fury ball of hamster rolling around the floor, you had to pull them apart or they would kill each other. But I think they both were the same sex, I don’t remember… I hope your hamsters will get along better 😉

    • He has such a pout!!! When I had two boys they would fight horribly when put together. It used to be a nightmare pulling them apart coz my fingers would get caught in the crossfire and my normally docile hamsters were primal!!
      We still need to keep these two apart for the time being because there’s two possibilities : 1) she gets pregnant and I have no room for baby hammys or 2) they’ll fight and I refuse to risk my fingers!!!

      • I remember that part all too well 🙂 my brother had to pull them apart because I was afraid of them! And yes I see your point, what hamster wouldn’t want baby’s with a celebrity like Dexter. She would get pregnant in no time 🙂

        • Haha dexter is going to get all big headed being called a celebrity 😉 hehe, eve is definitely a pretty one! Soon as I saw her in the shop I knew she was mine!! 😛

  2. Lol! I think with a name like Eve this little girl will make Dexter wait before making babies…surely!
    She is goooorgeous! I hope Dex won’t mind a lady swooping into the blogosphere and stealing his thunder.
    Have 2 cameras going when they meet for the first time I can’t wait!

    • Haha there is most definitely some competition now for Dex :p we keep trying to give the same amount of attention to both of them but it’s easy to get carried away holding one for ages! Lol, she will make him wait. She WILL make him wait ( well ill make them wait if not :p )

  3. Whee understand Dexter’s frustration. What whee wouldn’t give for a wifepig or two of our own! *sigh*

    Anyways whee have another award (The Versatile Blogger Award) waiting for you here


    • Hehehe aww a wifepig is a big responsibility especially when there are four handsome chaps around trying to impress the girl ;D haha, whayyyy ! Thank you so much! Again we are privileged to have your support and many thanks for the awardddd! 😀 xxx

  4. I only just met Dexter, but I’m already so excited for him that Eve has moved in–or moved…near. She’s a pretty little thing. Don’t let the paparazzi get a whiff of this!

    • Hehehe, thank you! 😀
      She has moved near-by. They spend the nights trying to out-do each other with the amount of noise they make – it would be cute if it wasnt at 3am 😛

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