Feng-Shui and Keep-Fit Classes? I own a DIVA!

This reminds me of the photo I took of the first time Dexter was put in his ball!

This time around he is much more impatient and rearing to go!

As soon as the ball hits the floor he zooms off!
Hes mapped out the floor and knows exactly where to run now – clever boy!

His favourite spot is by the door (we keep it shut because we don’t want him running too far) but that doesn’t stop him sitting right up against  the shut door and running along it in his ball!

I personally don’t see the excitement with a shut door but each to their own!

I cant help but looking at more recently photos and thinking I may have indulged Dexter a lil bit. He has most definitely grown – in the belly department mainly – and Im thinking a hamster keep-fit class may be in order…

 In other news, got a few new toys on the way for this lucky hamster – which will posted about all in good time!
He is spoilt rotten!

We have also been shuffling his cage around, I believe the term is feng shui… ? Just to keep him active and exploring as well as make the cage easy to clean and look at. The cage Dexter has is a  pretty standard two floored plastic cage (http://www.petsathome.com/shop/mini-duna-hamster-cage-by-ferplast-15984) which was £25.00 and came with all the basic starter stuff like sawdust, food, bedding etc.

We have put his food on the top floor now as Dexter has made it apparent he wants his bed on the bottom floor.

Me and the bf have discussed reasons for this.
(my favourite excuse is that he hates us both and is trying to hide from us)
but its more likely he prefers the security of having a “roof” over his head – an instinct thing – which makes me feel super guilty about taking away his plastic house in the first place!

But we’re working on fixing up his bachelor pad in the best way to suit everyone.

He is so very very hard to please.
I have raised a diva of a hamster….

Just a quick question..
Do you let your pets do their own thing in terms of arranging the furniture?
Or do you decide yourself?
(I need to know I’m not being a selfish owner and wanting it all my way!)

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3 thoughts on “Feng-Shui and Keep-Fit Classes? I own a DIVA!

  1. Well I had zero idea about rat ownership when I got the boys. I am constantly learning, and constantly googling and trying to learn more because I want to give them the best life I can – I definitely don’t want them bored, they are very smart, inquisitive and social creatures that need a lot of stimulation (when they’re awake), and they love climbing and digging and sitting in hammocks, they also require a closed in home (they have a plastic blue one) so they feel secure and can nest. Most of this I only found out online the other day I feel like a terribly mummy!
    They rearrange their own cage but I realise now they have their favourite areas for things. They get no say in where the hammocks and water bowl is, but they shuffle the food and house around to suit themselves – sometimes they move the house under a hammock so they don’t have to jump or climb! Smart AND lazy! I have soft bedding I keep in a corner I know they like to sleep in when not in a hammock. If that were to change I would change with them.
    I heard a weird scraping noise last week and when I finally found where it was coming from, Squirrel was in the shower pushing his blue plastic house out of there! Presumably taking it back home because that’s where it should be! It was drying on the floor of the shower after a wash. lol. They tell me what to do, I don’t tell them, they won’t have it!
    Dexy’s little ball is so cute and he’s so cute in it!

    • I try not to google so much as I used to – I found so many contradicting articles and ended up thinking I was killing my hamster LOL ;P
      I have noticed Dexters favourite areas too. Im definitely thinking i might have to sort out a different house for him – one he doesnt sweat up a storm in 😛
      See your boys are very very well looked after! Smart and lazy – the definition of little rodents me thinks ;D haha, Can tell whos in the driving seat! 😀
      he took it in the shower!?!?! THATS BRILLIANTLY MAD! 😀
      He looks even funnier when he runs in it – legs everywhere. Sometimes he tries to stop suddenly but the ball keeps moving with the momentum and he ups up with his bum in the air and on his back! :’)

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