Demanding Attention: Like a Boss

Dexter is not only a cute fluffy little animals. He is my secret weapon.

For too long now, I have let my boyfriend play his xbox games without distractions.
I can usually keep up with his games and can even ask questions – normally followed by smiling and nodding on my behalf – but never-the-less I like to show an interest in his hobby.
ANYWAY, I thought I would step up my attempts to show an interest by getting the hamster involved!

Plopping Dexter on my boyfriends back soon led to a very excitable hamster sitting on his shoulder and lets be honest –
anyone who can slaughter trolls, explore a computer generated wilderness and save the world ALL with a fidgety hamster on their shoulder deserves a medal in my eyes!

As you can see from the picture both parties seem unphased by the other.
A deceptively calm photo you ask?
A very deceptive photo indeed. Soon the boyfriend was fidgeting as much as the hamster and that meant 1-0 to me! WOOHOO!

Dexter finally nibbled all the way down to the wooden core of his chew-stick. Which meant that a new own was in order!

The stick you see in the picture is is a ‘Hamster Honey Stick‘ which comes in a pack of two for £1.99 from Pets at Home. The have little plastic clasps at the top so can be fastened onto any cage with bars and hamsters LOVE them! It also wears there teeth down which is really important for rodents!

He tucked into it seconds after it had been put in his cage.
And no I havent been starving him, he just loves the honey covered sunflower seeds as we’ve established they are his favs 😀
He looks cute scoffing his face!

So tomorrow is the last day on May so get following if you wish to win Dexter’s BEST BLOG AWARD for May 2012 – its a highly prestigious award and everything… 😀
Check out the ‘Blog Awards’ page for all the details if you don’t know already!

 So all that’s left is to ask:
How do your pets distract you? Or do you distract them?!
Comment, like and follow! 😀 


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9 thoughts on “Demanding Attention: Like a Boss

  1. Oh lord how DON’T my rats distract me! From play fighting all over me, to getting up to loads of mischief and trying to steal off my dinner plate they are just furry distracto machines.
    Life would be so dull without them!

    Dex looks like he’s actually grown since you started this blog am I right? Or perhaps he’s just stretched out on your boyfriend’s back!

    • HAHAH, I can just imagine them trying to stealthily steal food off your plate! 😀 Cheeky boys!
      Life would be IMMENSELY dull without our furry friends, everything would be so boring!
      You’re actually so right! He has grown loads! Its weird looking back at the first photos because he looks tiny! Now hes a right lil porker! Almost full hamster-sized!

  2. Nurul Afiqah

    Hey, i have one question. Is it okay to give them to bite the mineral rocks? I found this stuffs at pet shop. Comes in shapes like corns and etc

    • if your hamsters have a balanced diet (e.g. A muesli base food with the occasional fruit or vegetable treat) then mineral stones aren’t really necessary. If you’re worried your hamster doesn’t eat healthily then it does no harm to put a mineral rock in.
      Also pregnant females really benefit from these stones as it gives then a little extra help whilst pregnant. Hope this helps!

  3. Our Mummy has a picture somewhere of Nutty sitting with one of her brothers. Both are completely absorbed by the game and oblivious to each other! Hilarious.

    Whee often distract our Mummy when she is watching TV or even just in the same roon as us. Whee squeak or chew the bars or do zoomies really loudly round the cage. After all whee are far more interesting than those silly people in the telly box! 🙂

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Aww! Haha, I think Dexter agrees with you! He wonders why he doesnt get stroked and so goes on an exploration running spree!
      LOL, way more entertaining than the telly – agreed!

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