Do hamsters have nightmares?

Picture the scene: Its a Sunday morning, there’s a slice of sunshine peeking through the curtains on the bed (you’re laying-in), its quiet and peaceful, except for your boyfriend who is heavily breathing next to you.
Sounds about right; when suddenly…
You hear a tiny little squealing coming from the hamster cage, its not just once – it continues.
Peaceful lay-in ruined.

I jumped to my feet, making sure to “accidently” elbow the sleeping boyfriend in the process, and rushed to the cage fearing a hamster-homicide scene (I watch too much CSI…) and what did I see?
I saw a peacefully still hamster, squealing like a little piglet in his sleep. What the fu..!?

 This sparked the thought, was he dreaming?
Was he having a nightmare?
Or was this just a hammy version of “heavy breathing
(who am I kidding – its called SNORING!)

I woke him up just to be sure he wasn’t suffocating or something… As soon as I stroked him in his bed he woke up and the squealing stopped. He just looked at my hand with blurry eyes and an annoyed ‘dude, come onnnnnn!‘ expression on his face.

I’ve heard of dogs dreaming, even cats! But never hamsters…
So to the pet owners out there: Do hamsters have nightmares? 

My conclusion of this event, is yes they do. Just like humans, they have parts of the brain that keep activated at night. This is even more so for hamsters as there is the primal instinct of predators when they sleep so they have to be alert pretty quickly when they need to be!
The main thing to know is, if your hamster has squeaked or made funny noises in their sleep like mine, its usually nothing and they are dreaming of pussy-cats eating their tails or something. Its not a sign of distress and almost all hamsters do it at some point in their lives so dont fret!

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13 thoughts on “Do hamsters have nightmares?

  1. Whee love this blog and our new hammy friends so much that whee have a little surprise for you . . .

    (second award down)


    • THANK YOU PIGGIES! We are flattered by your nomination, a post in your honour is on its way!
      And while youre here, do any of you piggies have nightmares? xxxx

      • You are very welcome. In answer to your question, I don’t think whee do have nightmares. Our Mummy says whee look funny sleeping because whee make ourselves really flat and move our mouths like whee are eating. So whee do dream, but usually of food!


  2. A well deserved nomination squeeee!

  3. hammyfan7

    The exact same thing happens with my hamster, he has nightmares as well! I do the same thing by lifting off his house and petting him gently so he knows i’m there. He then stops crying, but then starts again soon after sometimes. I thought that I was the only one who has a hamster who does this! I’m glad you posted so I know that others hamsters do this too! 😀

  4. Penny

    This was great! The entire scenario (right down to the snoring boyfriend) sounds like a morning at my place. My Hector has hammy nightmares, and I was pretty concerned, but Google has reassured me it’s just a hammy quirk!

    • Haha brilliant! Great to know its not just me 😛 it’s most definitely a hammy quirk. I wonder what it is they dream of hehe 😀 thanks for checking out the blog! Can always follow it if you were interested 😀

  5. kristina hussey

    Is it ok to have 2 bad dream in 1 day my hamster is doing this to day

  6. Hammy

    I think so, because this happened to me and as soon as I woke him up, he was fine and acted normal after.

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