The breast seat in the house!

Today has been yet another sweltering day!
Poor little Dexter doesnt know what to do with himself in the heat. He slept outside of his nest last night on the bare plastic base of the cage as it must have been cooler on his ickle Buddha belly!

So when I got him out for a play and runabout, he found a comfy spot (on my boob-shelf hence the HILARIOUS pun in the post title… took me ages to come up with so appreciate it LOL) and just… sat there!
He didn’t move for about 10 whole minutes; a record-breaking time I assure you!

He seemed to nod his head every minute or so listening to the world going by – not that anyone was making a sound! We were in astounded silence that he was sat so still for so long!
Was he pooping on me ? Was this his concentration face?!!?!?
All sorts of horrors were going through my head in them moments!
I mean look into them eyes and tell me he’s not planning something… something evil and crafty…..

But soon enough, he just carried on crawling as if nothing had happened!
[And he hadnt pooped either, PHEW!]

 Keeping up with my own tips for looking after pets in extreme heats, I fed Dex some refreshing treats today! Got to keep his fluids up and all that especially as I rarely see him drink out of his water dispenser!

So my question for readers today;
 Whats the weirdest thing your pet has ever done?
Or do they any quirky habits that make them unique?

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6 thoughts on “The breast seat in the house!

  1. My mom never let me have hamsters, and now I know why. They would have taught me bad manners.

  2. Eeeek – I’m not really the kind that’s comfortable with small, little, hairy creatures running around any part of my body! Too bad my brothers couldn’t get the message. 😦

    • Hahaha, its all about trust. Ive gotten to the stage with Dexter where I trust him not to jump off me so I can let him explore. 😛 Thanks for the comment!

  3. Give em an inch and they’ll take a mile…see apple photo…haha.
    He’s so cute it explodes my awww-ometer everyday!

    • So very very true!
      It takes so long to get a decent photo of him – he fidgets and moves and looks like a blurry blob 99% of the time. The photos you see on here are either flukes, or the result of 99 failed photos before hand! 😛

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