When all else fails, sit in dinner?

The latest crazy habit of our Dexter has emerged.

After a very hot few days and a very flustered hammy we gave his cage a thorough clean out.
Replaced the majority of his sweaty bedding, removed the leftovers hidden in the corner of his bed, topped up his food bowl, changed all his sawdust, gave him more cool water and even treated him to a new chewstick (honey nut of course!).

So when we returned excited and newly fresh Dexter to his cage we observed the most entertaining behaviour!

He scuttled up to his bowl,
sat in it,
then rummaged and rooted around in it like a bargain-hunter at a car boot sale!

 Bits of hamster muesli went flying everywhere in his excitement! I couldn’t help but say ‘Dexter, elbows off the table dammit!’ but I think hes in the rebelious stage as I got ignored…

Its almost as if he thinks that it was going to be taken away any minute so had to find all the best bit and stuff them in his cheeks before we had chance to steal his food.
Whatta silly-billy!

The picture looks a tad blurred however this was the only snap of him I managed to get without his head buried in the bowl!
Also I apologise for the clashing food bowl and cage base – what am I like!

So you should all check out the new layout of the blog.
<<< got a fancy new side column and everything!
(I wont mention how long it took me to figure out how to put everything together because its embarrassing!)

My question for readers is: What are your pets table manners like? Should I introduce a naughty step into his routine or am I over-reacting? 😉

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3 thoughts on “When all else fails, sit in dinner?

  1. hmmmm he is so cute! He’s called shotgun on that bowl of food alright!
    I love your new sidebar – I am still figuring out how to use WordPress it’s really too techy for me!
    As for table manners…my ratties have NONE! Snatch and run is their preferred style of eating. Squirrel likes to take off as far away as possible, and then come back and tear Pirate’s food away from him. Lately they have decided they won’t get out of their hammock to get food, so they grab it out of their bowl as I’m putting it in the cage. Lazy AND cute!
    I think the naughtier our pets are the cuter they are…

    • Ditto about using WordPress 😛 im rubbish with things like this but thought it needed something extra 🙂
      Snatch and run that’s brilliant 😀 lol oooh a bit of competition there ;D sounds lazy and cute but also sounds ingenious !! Breakfast in bed and all they had to do was time their assault on the food bowl perfectly!
      Agreed: naughtiness = cuteness 😀

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