How to keep your pet cool on hot summer days

If you live in the UK, you will be very aware we are in a heatwave

Temperatures are soaring which means  its time to crack out the short-shorts and slap on the sun lotion!

While we all enjoy the sunshine, we cant forget about our little pets!
Every kind of animal will suffer in extreme temperatures and we as owners have to take extra care of our furry friends.

Firstly make sure you move cages out of direct sunlight – you may keep the curtains all drawn back to let in the fleeting summer weather but intense sunlight will cook (not literally) little hamsters! Place pets in cool and shady places.

Next, make sure your pets water dispense is full and regularly check this. If it springs a leak or your thirsty pet empties it when your not looking, you’re going to have a dehydrated pet on your hands!

Also, make sure there is some form of moist food in with your pet! Heat and dehydration can ruin any pets appetite so its essential to make sure they have something to eat on these warm days! Pieces of apple, cucumber and even lettuce are super hydrating treats for little rodents so cut a slice off for them! Just make sure these are also in moderation as too much lettuce will give small pets diarrhoea – inparticularly dangerous in hot weather!

A super cute idea for when it gets reeeeeeeeally warm, is to put an ice-cube onto a dinner tray and watch your pet obsess! Dogs, cats and rabbits love to push ice-cubes round and this will be especially refreshing in high temperatures.

As you can see from the picture above of Dexter, he looks a little uncomfortable and tired. Where his cage was very warm and so was making him a little lethargic and prompted this post for other owners.
He soon picked up when he was in a cooler, shady spot.

A summary of this post can be found on so check it out.

Now, get off your computer and GO ENJOY THE SUN!!!
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6 thoughts on “How to keep your pet cool on hot summer days

  1. Rats don’t take long to suffer terminally from extremes of temperature 😦
    Here in Queensland where it’s always hot in Spring & Summer, we had a shocking heatwave this year and I noticed Squirrel in particular becoming dishevelled looking and lethargic (from what I’ve read about rats, if they have gotten to the lethargy stage things are pretty bad) so I gave them a little bath in cool water and put a little sugar in their water. They perked up for the rest of the heatwave and started zooming around on their sugar high!

    Now though, they are under my hot water bottle and blankets at night keeping warm, it’s a cool Autumn!

    Poor little Dex looks like he could definitely use a cool change – can you give hamsters a little bath? He’d look so tiny wet!

    • Neat idea putting sugar in the water! Would definitely revive a knackered rat!
      No, hamsters can never be submerged or left in water. If their tails get wet then they suffer from a life-threatening condition called wet-tail (not a very original name) so no baths for I’ll Dex 😛 he seems content with his cucumber slice 😀

      • Yeah they were zooming after the sugar water!
        Wet tail you say?! How interesting wow, I would never have guessed there’s any living creature on this planet who couldn’t get wet.
        Who doesn’t love a cool cucumber slice though mmmm, I could go one right now!

        • Yeah it’s bizarre I know but they come out in blisters and it’s really bad for them ;(
          He’s pulled it into his bed like a kind of doorway, we can’t even see dexter we can only see the cucumber 😛

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