So a few weeks ago when I brought up the subject of buying a hamster as a pet, my boyfriend shuddered. He eventually agreed to allow it in the flat however he wanted nothing to do with it.

Oh how the tables have well and truly turned.
I am now practically redundant in looking after him as my boyfriend has completely fallen in love with the little guy and I can only observe their bromance from across the sofa.

Take yesterday evening for example:
I worked a late shift so got back at around half 9 at night. There on the sofa was an excited boyfriend who couldnt wait to tell me what Dexter had been up to whilst Id been gone.
He had even gone out and bought sunflower seeds and had been spoiling Dex rotten.

How am I supposed to compete with a treat dispenser like him!

To rub it in even more, when he put his hand in the cage, Dexter came bounding up to him and sat on his hand as if there had been little magnets between the both of them. When he said ‘now you do it’ Dexter scuttled off at the speed of light into his tunnel and didn’t come out until I had removed my hand.

I am GUTTED; I’m no longer the favourite!

 On a brighter note – check out the new addition to the hamsterdiaries blog:

Comment, follow, like and share the page for lil Dex 😀


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5 thoughts on “Bromance

  1. Ok you know my pain! I was so cut up because the rats live with me, I clean their cages, change their water everyday, let them out of the cage whenever I’m home, chat to them all day when they’re not sleeping, I clean clean clean up after them, provide them with their food and until VERY recently they couldn’t give a rat’s ass (THAT’S WHERE THE TERM CAME FROM!) about me!
    But their daddy, my partner, ooooh yeah they sit on him for ages and get pats, and even squeak for him when he’s patting them, and wag their tails! I go near them and they run. They won’t sit still for me or on me but daddy “oh oh let me love you and be loved by you”…makes me cranky!

    • Hahaha wow we are so in the same boat! I clean up Dex, I’m the one who will coo over him and spent the first 3 weeks taming him and now along comes the bf and bham! I’m out of the picture! When that picture was taken I could almost hear Dexter thinking “eurgh what’s SHE doing here” haha
      Aww your rats are so cute from the pictures on your blog!

      • haha poor you! Oh God I laughed so hard when I read you could almost hear Dex wondering what the heck you were doing there!
        I so know…JILTED UNITE!

  2. Dexter looks so at home in your bf’s sleeve too lol.

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