Nest Building – Hamster Style

So yesterday I decided to remove the little grey plastic house in Dexters cage for 3 reasons:

  • He kept weeing in his house making his bedding smell terrible!
  • He would get sweaty inside it.
  • He would be very unsocialable even after being handled or given a treat!
In place of his house we have provided him with paper bedding (Pets at Home again – £2.99 for the medium sized bag 175g) which is surprisingly soft and some specially designed pet cotton wool for warmth (cant remember how much it was – no more than £2 though).

Both were an instant hit with Dex!
He began stuffing the paper bedding into his cheeks and rearranging the strands around him!
 The big picture above makes it look like he’s slurping it up like spaghetti!
 Within seconds of being in his cage with the bundle of paper I had attempted to shape like a nest, he had moved bits all over his cage – paying particular attention to his favourite corner.
He even disappeared in the centre of the paper bundle, which twitched continuously for a moment before a cheeky face popped out from underneath.
It was more of a toy than bedding for him!
As you can see in this second picture, he was way too busy playing hide’n’seek to build a bed!
After an hour or so, still no progress in the bed making department and I began to worry that he’d suddenly have nowhere to sleep that night! So in an attempt to encourage him to build up a bed, I used the base of his house and scooped the remaining paper and fluff into it.
If he could smell the remains of his old bed (hard to miss the odour) he might just rebuild his new bed around that!
I have to admit I felt a bit cruel for taking away his bed that he’s been using for the last 3 weeks but I’m hoping that in the long run he’ll be able to make use of them natural nest-building instincts and be a happier hamster!
So a few hours passed and just before I went to bed I checked on him, as I do.
to my amazement, there sat in front of me was a very chirpy and proud looking Dexter sitting in a very tidy looking nest!
Serves me right for doubting his natural instincts I suppose! 
I’m sure in the next few days he will further perfect his impressive little bed. I shall keep you informed on his progress!
Crammed lots of bedding talk into this post, hope you’ve enjoyed reading it!
Comment what you think of Dexter’s new bed?
What do your pets sleep in?
A nest, house, hammock, something else perhaps?
P.s Sorry for the poor quality of this picture. My iPhone has no flash so I had to hold a torch up at the same time to take the picture!
Multitasking 1 : Photo Quality 0
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5 thoughts on “Nest Building – Hamster Style

  1. I bought my rats 2 different shaped hammocks and they stay in them most of the time they’re in their cage! Best $18 I have ever spent!
    Plus they are smart and hygienic enough not to pee in them…but they just hang their bums out of the hammock…they won’t leave it’s comfort! Lazy lol…
    They also have a plastic house they like in summer.

    • chaoticscribbles

      See I love the idea of having a hammock for Dex, but with the whole rubbish depth perception and hes so small I just dont think it would work! Forget the hamster, I want a hammock! 😛 Do your rats build nests and have bedding or do they just have the inside of the hammock??

  2. Well the bottom of the cage (which is a guinea pig cage) is filled with paper pellet kitty litter and they move that around how they like it. Pirate loves to be under things when he’s out of the cage so I leave a blanket for him that he moulds around himself. In the cage I can’t leave any cloths they stink it up!
    They collect food and prized paddle pop sticks and stuff that they take with them into their plastic house or worse into the blanket outside the cage! I call that nesting, but nothing like Dex! Although rats are known nesters.

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