The ‘Hamtrac’ and the Hamster.

If you read my post “As quiet as a hamster?”…
…you may recall that I mentioned that we had bought something called a ‘Hamtrack’ for Dex. Well, I have finally got round to uploading the video to Youtube and taking some pictures of it in action and now to explain a little more about it.

Firstly, its worth mentioning that its ‘Hamtrac’ (I keep putting a K on the end)
Its from Pets at Home and was not the cheapest toy/accessory ever at Ā£14.99 but as it wont need to be replaced ever I suppose its a worthy investment for my pampered pet!

ANYWAY, its basically a black plastic track which is shaped so that a hamster ball fits perfect in the grooves. It clicks all very neatly together in an oval shape about a metre in length.I dont mind him running free in his exercise ball (its actually very amusing watching him zoom in every direction across the floor), but it requires constant supervision.
Im paranoid about him escaping from the ball – even though I’ve taped him in – and when everything goes quiet and hes hidden out of sight I think that he must be chewing the carpet through the air-holes or he’s found a wire that I hadn’t hidden well enough!

So the Hamtrac keeps him running around madly as before, just in a range where I can keep an eye on for when Im not in the mood to get up every 2 minutes to check up on him.

The first time we put him on the track, Dex got a little flustered and confused. He couldn’t grasp the idea of a loop and so ended up running backward and forward on the one stretch until we stopped him. It was cute but I didnt know whether he was enjoying the experience or just getting stressed?
Since then, he has mastered the loop – watch out Lewis Hamilton!!

He only gets to use his Hamtrac once or twice a week so he definitely makes the most of his time!

I have also fathomed how to insert my Youtube videos into my posts – EPIC WIN – so you wont have to leave WordPress to watch these videos anymore as they’ll all be on here!
So below is the short clip of Dex on his Hamtrac.
I have to tell you all my photos and videos are taken on my iPhone hence the naff quality but its always there and quick for when he suddenly poses!

AND just incase you wanted to see any of the videos of Dex without having to scroll and search, I have put all the links on a separate page which you can find at the top of the blog; “Video Links” šŸ˜€

So all thats left to say is like the post, comment what you think, and follow if you arent already!
Its super nice to see people viewing the blog, thanks to all who read šŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “The ‘Hamtrac’ and the Hamster.

  1. haha perhaps it takes a little more effort for his little legs to roll around the corner? I can’t wait to see him go all the way around!

    • chaoticscribbles

      Yeahh he hasnt mastered it just yet šŸ˜› Ill make sure I post if he ever does manage it šŸ˜›

  2. Tara Carstensen

    I’m trying to find straight pieces of Hamtrac. If you know of any, can you drop me a line?

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