“I just wanna be famous.”

Dexter is such a bizzare little thing.
He ignores delicious bits of fresh food, ignores tasty titbits and even ignores them little chocolate-drop treats!
That piece of broccoli has been the only thing he’s nibbled on whilst being out of his cage; fact. Im guessing he’s just a shy eater – body conscious or whatever the hamster equivalent is?

I gave dexter a little slice of my banana the other day – yummy!
Ignored it.
Put it in his cage.
Ignored it.
Held it right in front of his face incase he had missed it?
Ignored it again.

So we assumed that fresh banana (not the dried out slices that he gets in his muesli) were not his cup of tea.
We left it in his cage just in case he changed his mind and would you believe that by this morning the banana was gone!!
So we were wrong about the banana-hatred and have concluded that he’s a midnight feaster; each to their own!


So over the course of today, I have sorted out a Youtube channel thing-ma-jiggy so that I can post videos of Dexter for our readers and then post the links here!

I thought it would be best to save the ‘Hamtrack’ video for the next post because you cant see him while running around in his ball and I thought everyone would appreciate a good look at him in action 😀
I video’d him making his bed. Yes you did read that right – Dexter makes his bed! As you’ll see from the video he picks up the bits of bedding in his mouth and places them back in his little house! Obsessive muchly but slightly intoxicating to watch!
So below is the link to Dexters blog debut :
(the title of this post will suddenly make sense)

Have a watch, let me know what you think of Dexter’s tidy habit 😀
Do your pets have any kooky habits?
Comment below, like the post and follow if you aren’t already! 
😀 x 

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7 thoughts on ““I just wanna be famous.”

  1. Whee are naughty. Whee spend far more time ‘un-making’ our bed and ‘making’ a mess!

    Like Dexter, whee wanna be famous! Dexter is a very handsome hamster. Though, having never before met a hamster we are unable to compare cuteness! Aren’t you lucky Dexter?! You shall always be the first hamster we ever met!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • chaoticscribbles

      Yaya! Dexter feels privileged! 😀 Nice to meet you Nibbles, Nutty,Bingo and Buddy! x

  2. I love the video! So kyoooot!
    My ratty boys have very interesting and kooky habits, at the moment they are jumping everywhere! One minute I’m on the laptop minding my own business, the next, BAM! A rat has jumped from out of nowhere onto my chest!
    And right this moment Pirate and Squizz are taking turns to pull a towel through their cage bars with vigour. They really get their teeth and their backs into it and puuuuuull! I’m not sure what they will do with the towel if they pull it all the way in…

    • chaoticscribbles

      Hehe, thank you 😀
      Aww do you not worry that they’ll nibble holes in stuff or are they pretty well behaved boys? Hehehe 🙂

      • Oh they are nibblers, mainly the towels that cover their cage at night and occasionally a shirt I’m wearing!

        • chaoticscribbles

          Why do you cover their cages? Is it to keep them cool?
          One of my previous hammys nibbled a hole in a duvet cover which i had left next to the cage and left poking in slightly. He had a very fashionable bed out of the shredded pieces 😛

          • lmao! Yes my partner had his pillow case eaten in several places when we had a movie day in the lounge room and the rats joined us!
            Rats prefer dark environments so I cover their cage if it’s very bright where there cage is, and at the moment it’s Autumn and really cold (for Queensland lol) so I pop a hot water bottle under a towel and a blanket each night so they stay toasty.
            Meanwhile I haven’t gotten another hot water bottle for myself and literally shiver half the night away in bed! Lucky ratties!

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