As quiet as a hamster?

Lazy Sundays are the best.  A nice lay-in is what my whole week is waiting for!
Not having to get up at 7am is also lovely when Dexter has been super noisy the night before.

Its like as soon as the lights go off he can make as much racket as he wants – and he takes advantage of the fact hes undisturbed in his playtime.

He never touches his wheel during daylight hours, he barely even looks at it! But soon as Im in bed and ready to doze off hes running a marathon on the worlds squeakiest wheel.

At least hes nibbled all of his chewstick  now. Its once full honey and seed coating has all gone and were left to the wooden skeleton. This was noisier than everything else in that cage! Biting and scraping it across the plastic base makes such a loud noise – but okay it was pretty cute watching him turn upside down just to get a mouthful!
As you can see from the picture anyway, hes not given up on it yet!

I sound really bothered by the fact he was noisy last night but I’m not. It was kind of soothing to be able to hear him play and exercise and eat and drink, all whilst Im in bed (even if I am trying to sleep!)

Ive only ever seen him drinking from his bottle once – I know he does drink because the water level goes down – but I dont actually see him drinking which is worrying. However when I hear him attacking the metal dispenser thingy in the middle of the night, I know I have nothing to worry about. Hes just a bit shy!
Shy?! Who am I kidding – he loves the attention!


We have bought Dexter a new toy. Its called a “Hamtrack” and basically its for when hes in his  exercise ball theres a little track underneath to stop him going too far. Its perfect size for when Im sat on the sofa and he can be in front of me so I can keep an eye on him. Letting him roam free in his ball isnt too much of a bother but he disappears into cubby-holes and into places I cant see him and I freak out that hes going to be nibbling a wire or chewing up the carpet.

I did have a video of the Hamtrack and Dexter not quite grasping the loop idea but I have only now realised that I have to be a paid member of WordPress to post these videos which is something Im not too convinced in doing right now. 😦
Ill set up a Youtube account or something and just post links perhaps, if people really want to see them? Let me know?

Are your pets noisy at night? How do you deal with it?

Comment, like and follow! Share the page – help us out! 😛 
Thank you 🙂 

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15 thoughts on “As quiet as a hamster?

  1. Well if you link to the youtube I’ll go there and watch! Gorgeous!

    • chaoticscribbles

      I haven’t set up an account yet 😛 I think I shall sort it out though because there are so many clips I have of him doing all sorts!

      • I showed my sister a video of my partner patting Squirrel into a blissful state and she is adamant I need to start a youtube channel. I reckon Dex will be a hit!
        I didn’t know how cute hamsters were til I saw Dex-orama, can’t wait to see him in action 🙂

        • chaoticscribbles

          Yes! Then you can see Dex and I can see Pirate and Squirrel 😀 I shall sort something out for my next post!
          Hehe, Dexorama is a nickname thats going to stick i can tell 😀 Do yours have nicknames?

          • Dexatron, Dexorama, Dexosaur…I add those to all names i don’t know why! haha.
            Oh yes here’s some of the nicknames:
            Pirate – Piratty, Fatty Piratty, Fatty Boy
            Squirrel – Squizz, Nuts, Low Rider (he walks with his back end low to the ground…must be the weight of his…*ahem* gonads haha
            And heaps more. Plus I have crappy annoying songs I sing to them using their names and they push my face away with their little hands!

            • chaoticscribbles

              Hahahah awesome! Dexosaur :’D LOVE IT! My bf calls him Champ… wheres the originality!? 😛
              HAHAH, i remember seeing that picture on your blog of Squirrel flaunting his goods loll! Hehehe, seriously cute!

  2. We had to remove and replace the wheel in heston’s cage because he ended up too long for it. The one he’s got now isn’t really any quieter though.

    • chaoticscribbles

      Hav eyou got a ‘stand alone’ style one or is yours attached ?? Ive seen different types but dont think Ill change anything in his cage just yet as its all still pretty new.

      • It’s a stand-alone Savic Rolly. Had to take his hut out too for the same reason. One day he just stopped using it and making his bed elsewhere. He makes some lovely little burrows. One thing about the hut – Heston used to get a bit sweaty in it, so we drilled tiny little holes in the top with a small drill bit and that did the job. Until he stopped using it two months later, anyways.

        • chaoticscribbles

          Do you know what Ive noticed hes always a little sweaty when he wakes up and when i clean out his bed it always feels stuffy and damp so will definately have to sort something out for that! Thank you for the advice 🙂 Im personally not a big fan of this bedding anyway – goes everywhere! I will get him the shredded papery stuff as he’ll be able to make a proper little nest with it 😛

          • The grey shredded paper is what we use too. Heston has a habit of moving his bed to a different corner every two days or so, and it usually moves in one lump which is handy for him. The fluffy cotton stuff looks pretty but i know its not good if they eat it.

            • chaoticscribbles

              Do you put it in a house thing or do you just let him nest where-ever takes his fancy?
              One of the hamsters I had as a kid used to put all the cotton wool in his cheeks and then sleep on it like a pillow!

              • Ha! What a clever hamster. No hut, we just give him loads of bedding so he can completely coccoon himself. He seems very happy with it and it’s funny to see the pile of paper quivering when he’s eating in there. I try to make beds for him but apparently they’re not up to standard as he rearranges them completely.

                • chaoticscribbles

                  I think I will do that too. Hahaha, cute! I think letting them build there own beds is just natural for them, they know how they like it 😛

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