My boyfriend was never convinced that hamsters were good pets. He was adamant that he would have nothing to do with ‘the thing’ when I got him.
I think I can now say me and Dexter have well and truly won him over!

Hamsters aren’t too demanding so are great little pets. Especially as they sleep during the day (when we work)! When they come out to play in the evenings its perfect timing for us.
He’s also getting much calmer when handling him now. He used to scream – yes you read that right. He sounded like a piglet squealing! We checked with the pet shop owners who assured me that the screaming was natural as he was only a baby and was fending us off to put us off holding him.
It was very unnerving but now he loves being held!  It just took a lot of patience to get him comfortable with us both.

Knowing when to leave him alone has also been hard, more so for me. When we first got him, I wanted to hold him all the time and play with him all the time which must have seemed so stressful for the little guy! So I quickly realised when I needed to just let him come to me. It didn’t take long for him to decide when he wanted to play.

Trusting Dexter has come around more recently. He longer feels like he needs to defend himself as he knows were not a threat which in turn has let us trust him much more.

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6 thoughts on “Playtime!

  1. Taming my rats was an agonising experience, I was convinced for probably 2 months they hated my guts, I couldn’t bond with them at all, but I learned I’m a giant scary thing to them, and teaching them they can trust me is a patience/waiting game…and lots of treats to train them not to bite fingers 🙂
    They still won’t let me pat them (even though they will submit to pats for 10 mins from their human daddy! I get so jealous!) but they are tame and always come and sit with me on the lounge when they are out and about. I have one above my head chatting in my ear right now 🙂

    • chaoticscribbles

      Yes I totally agree with you about taming being a waiting game. My boyfriend used to pass Dexter straight back to me saying ‘he likes you better.’ just because he’d move a bit quicker – then Dex would sit there and groom in his lap and ill be the one going ‘oww no fair!’.
      Awww say hallo to Pirate and Squirrel from me and Dex 😀

      • I interrupted their game of ‘fighting standing up like meer cats’ to tell them that and they acknowledged your hallo 🙂

  2. Pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy the shrieking at all.
    go you for working through it!

    • It was horrible screaming, but we got him checked at the shop where we bourght him and they assured me it was moving stresses and he was so young that he wanted to protect himself as he saw us as a threat. 😛 I felt like such a bad person for the entire process :’)

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