The Human Climbing Wall

Dexter has got himself a hobby.
Climbing up stuff is way too mainstream. Its all about the rolling back down!

Handling Dexter can sometimes be very testing. Hes only a baby; new to being handled and can be skittish and jumpy. There is no such thing as sitting still in Dexter’s books.
Being patient with him is vital and letting him explore is important for him to gain our trust (and for us to trust that he wont go jumping off the sofa). Letting him explore is always energetic (for all parties involved) so any sort of obstacle – being an arm or leg – is exciting stuff!

In the picture you can see Dexter sliding down my boyfriends back after scuttling up his arm and round onto his shoulder!
Its all fun and games when he gets his wriggle on!

 Hamsters have incredibly poor depth perception which means that climbing from one hand to another can look the same as climbing off a table onto the floor. They cant judge the height of things, so catching him from slipping far can be tricky!
He seems happy enough climbing up and down us at the minute so Im pretty sure there wont be any heroic leaps off the worktops any time soon!

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18 thoughts on “The Human Climbing Wall

  1. I’ve just noticed that my hamster has the same cage that’s in these photos! His name is Heston. He’s a lively chap.

    • chaoticscribbles

      It was from Pets at Home ? 😀 I used to have a barred cage all over except a small plastic tray at the bottom and I always found it like looking in a prison at him – the fact the top is clear plastic (with only a few bars at the top) makes it feel more cosy 😀

      • yep we got ours from pets at home too. It has the light blue base. I know what you mean about the bars, but Heston still manages to climb upside down on his! Great blog btw!

        • chaoticscribbles

          Yeah – they had blue and white ones too 😛 Awww, is Heston a Syrian hamster?
          Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Yes, he’s white and caramel. About 8 months old now. Still hasn’t calmed down much though. Although occasionally I can get him to fall asleep on my lap!

    • chaoticscribbles

      I wish Dexter would fall asleep on me! Awww he sounds gorgeous!!! 🙂

      • I’m currently trying to think of a way to link him to my health and fitness topics so that I can post a photo of him. Perhaps in his wheel exercising?!

        • chaoticscribbles

          Yes! Or even eating healthy stuff – can recommend broccoli 😛 You should definately sneak a picture of him in too – Would love to see it!

  3. aaaaw he’s so cute! No depth perception look out!

    • chaoticscribbles

      Theres no chance of letting Dexter climb a tree like your boys – he’d think he was superman!

      • As I was reading that post, Pirate overbalanced on a book that was teetering on the coffee table and fell to the ground (carpeted)…he’s fine! He falls off things a fair bit, and he’s sneezy I think he might have a middle ear thing going on. I’ve been giving him tiny doses of echinacea.
        My rats are either fearless or brainless with their daredevil antics…I fear it’s brainless haha

        • chaoticscribbles

          Awwwr, poor pirate. Maybe falling off things is his party trick 😛
          A combination of the both? haha so cute!

  4. Dex looks like he has an hourglass figure in this picture lol. Woot woo!

    • chaoticscribbles

      Hes sucking in his buddha belly for sure – the show off !

  5. Do his claws snag when he rolls down?

    • Yeahh they snag and pull little threads out which can get super annoying, but at least he never falls too far. Especially when he gets his wriggle on 😛

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