My oh my, what a photogenic hamster we have here!

This is his favourite corner to sit in. He sits there perfectly still watching me fuss over him – cheeky git!

I have also got to point out, that yes Dexter is a male and yes he has a pink cage! He has never complained so Im assuming he LOVES it!
It also makes the cage look super cute in my room!

You can really see all his markings here. He has such a gorgeous coat but its so subtle its hard to capture well on photos! He has these beautiful black streaks behind both ears and on the crest of his head. Its very distinctive!

Also who could mistake such a cute white mouth. Looks like hes got a cream moustache like you get from sipping hot chocolates with cream on top! 😀

He likes to have the sawdust mounded around him. Makes him feel safe and also keeps him warm in the chillier evenings when he’s grooming.

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ALSO: If you want to see all the pictures without having to scroll through these posts, just click ‘Images’ in the top right hand corner of this page! I have put all the pictures I’ve published on that one page for quick viewing!

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3 thoughts on “Posing.

  1. so.seriously.cute. My rats are both boys and they have a pink hammock and a purple hammock…the pink is their favourite 🙂

  2. How exactly does a hamster complain?

    • Thats a great question, and I dont have an intelligent answer 😛 He doesnt scratch the walls?? Ill take that as a secret win 😀

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