Pink Exercise Ball? I think so!

This photo is very deceptive. He did not sit still long enough to have his picture taken so blurry blobs were all I thought I was getting.
But after a valiant 8 attempts, I managed to catch him sitting still (knew he was having his picture taken the vain git) and this photo is the result!

I got the exercise ball from Morrisons Supermarket for Β£3.69 which was slightly cheaper than Pets at Home which was Β£3.99 and pretty sure they do pink, blue and green ones.

Notice the black electrical tape sealing in the far door? That’s to stop mister fidgety from escaping whilst let loose for a run.

When hamsters run around in their exercise balls, they like to go bonking into walls/desk legs/chairs etc.etc.
From experience I know that the knocks and bumps can shake loose these doors and escaping is very possible (and nowhere near as fun as it seems).
So sealing one door and putting two little bits of tape to hold the second door on is peace of mind when he zooms out of sight and into the wall.

Hamsters need lots of exercise; fact.
Its recommended that 20 – 30 minutes of adventures in a ball is a good amount of time for a growing hamster to be out in a ball.

Β Dexter doesn’t usually last that long in his ball. He stops and waits to be picked up when hes had enough – what a diva!

Make sure you follow, like or comment guys! Let me know what you think of Dex! πŸ˜€

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6 thoughts on “Pink Exercise Ball? I think so!

  1. Such a cute baby boy my ‘aaaawwww quota’ has been exceeded today reading your blog!
    That ball is incredibly cheap, is it a Wodent Wheel? The cheapest I can find here in Oz for my ratty boys is $30. So they just run free twice a day for as long as it takes for them to get into too much mischief. It means I clean and clean and clean and clean but they are so happy they may reject a ball if I ever get one for them lol.

    • chaoticscribbles

      Hehehe, Dexter loves all this attention πŸ˜›
      Wow, that is expensive for a ball! They sound like a lot of fun πŸ˜€ , what are they called?? Dexter is so small if we let him run loose, he would definitely get lost somewhere and nibble something he shouldnt πŸ˜›
      Think the ball is called a ‘Space Pod Runner Ball’ – they do larger sizes too for rats but your boys dont sound like they need one! πŸ˜›

      • My boys are called Pirate & Squirrel and I post a pic of mostly them (sometimes other animals that have brought me joy) every day on my blog.
        Squirrel is called squirrel because his nuts were almost as big as him when I first got him, and I joked he was hoarding nuts for the winter like a squirrel haha. Pirate…well it just sounded good lol.
        I would like the boys to have a ball to catch all their excitement wees!

        • chaoticscribbles

          Awww I love the names, they look adorable too!
          Hahaha, a ball would definitely catch the wee and stop you from having to clean clean clean πŸ˜› Its also very entertaining watching multicoloured balls go zooming around the floor! πŸ˜€

  2. And for just a moment, I thought he was a giant Darth Hamster in his own pink Death Star.
    Very cute!

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