Sleepy head!

Building a nest is basic instinct for hamsters and Dexter is no exception 🙂
Here you can see him curled up asleep in his little bed!

He has used sawdust within his bedding and he has also stored a few bits of  food in the corners of his house.
This is NORMAL.

When cleaning a hamsters bedding out its important to keep some of the original bedding. This is because hamsters are very territorial and like to be surrounded by familiar smells.
By keeping some of the familiar smells in their bedding, it will reduce stress – especially in new pets.

There are exceptions to cleaning out the entire bedding – for example if your hamster has pee’d in his bedding, its important to clean this out as soon as you notice otherwise your pet may get smelly and uncomfortable!

Also, don’t wake up a sleeping hamster! If you make them jump, they may bite you and thats distressing all round!

 Dexter goes to bed around 6am after a night full of exploring, so letting him sleep throughout he day is important for him to restore all that energy.

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