New Toy = Happy Hamster!

So as every hamster owner will know, they need plenty of stimulation and lots of toys to play with!

There are so many varieties of toys to choose from so for the time being I decided to go for the simplest – a tunnel!
And it has been a massive success.

The tube is approximately 7 inches long and is very sturdy. Its green and orange striped and is perfect for chewing, nibbling, playing in and hiding in – an all-round win! I got it from Pets at Home for £1.79  and is made from a safe vegetable parchment.

Dexter has been rolling around, scurrying in and out and even rolling upside down in it non stop! He absolutely loves it! There are still many toys to try out but I have to admit sometimes I think the simplest toys are the best for little hamsters. 🙂

Tunnels are especially exciting for hamsters as in nature, they bury and tunnel in the ground. This wild instinct that the hamsters have is still present in the domesticated varieties which makes tunnels very reassuring for little hamsters!

It also is a very long-lasting toy that needs virtually no upkeep. Benefits of this tunnel are:

  • they can be nibbled which keep their gnashers in shape
  • they are super fun for hiding in and can even become a favourite nesting spot
  • when shredded the tunnel can be put into bedding for an even cosier nest

As you can see from the photos, Dexter loves his tunnel!

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