Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce Dexter.

This very cute little fella is Dexter.
He is my new baby Syrian hamster (between 2-3 months old) and he is just ADORABLE!

I decided a blog to follow the life and times of Dexter for other hamster-lovers out there!
On this blog I shall:

  • Post regular updates on what Dexter has been up to.
  • Post videos and share photos of all his little adventures.
  • Share information and tips on hamster care and behaviour for all the other owners!

So yeah, here he is!
He has been spoilt rotten over the last few days with a new tunnel, a new exercise ball and the latest addition to his cage is this seed hangar thingy-ma-jiggy (from Pets at Home £2.59) which he hasnt been parted from since putting it in his cage! He’s loving nibbling and biting it from all sorts of angles and absolutely loves it so definitely a great little buy for hamsters!

Feel free to ask any questions about your own hamsters as I find sharing experiences and problems can come up with some clever solutions!

Please follow, comment or like the blog! Its nice to know Dexter has fans! 😀

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7 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce Dexter.

  1. Aaaaaaw Dex is the cutest! I have never really seen a hamster I thought they looked like guinea pigs lol, and clearly I was wrong. (I’m 99% sure we do not have hamsters in Australia).
    I’m following now I want to know all about Dex-atron. 🙂

  2. He really is cute. How long does it take him to eat through the food star?

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